About Jaideepji

Jaideepji has been practicing astrology for over 12 years and studying this science for an extended period of time. He started his professional life by setting up his business and further expanded this business across the country. However, he gave it up when he met his Guru 18 years back in the southern part of India. This encounter which came as a heavenly intervention in his life put him on the path of astrology. The growing interest and dedication towards astrology and Para science convinced him to become a full-time student of astrology. He has since been practicing astrology, vaastu and palmistry as a means for betterment of life.

With a spiritual, scientific and innovative vision he is working extensively on elemental and remedial astrology. In his predictions he uses a combination of astrology, palmistry and numerology for complete accuracy. In addition to astrology solutions for various aspects of life, he is involved with interpretation of dreams and Para science. His broad research and accurate predictions have led to his popularity across India and in other parts of the world.

Jaideepji specializes in recommendation of gems, stones, mantras and vaastu on the basis of study of elements and vibrations. His recommendations related to gems and stones go beyond lagna and rashi, making them more productive in achieving the desired results and mitigating the issues faced by the individual.

He is now doing research on Vaastu and Astrological Relationship and the effect of sun rays.

He firmly believes that astrology is a pure science which gives results when it is complimented by the karma of the individual and the grace of the almighty.