About Jaideepji

Jaideepji has been practicing astrology for over 15 years and studying this science for an extended period of time. He started his professional life by setting up his business and further expanded this business across the country. However, he gave it up when he met his Guru 23 years back in the southern part of India. This encounter which came as a heavenly intervention in his life put him on the path of astrology. The growing interest and dedication towards astrology and Para science convinced him to become a full-time student of astrology. He has since been practicing astrology, vaastu and palmistry as a means for betterment of life.

Recent Post

“Over the years of study and practice, I have evolved and with every step of my life I have continuously tried to be better at what I love. I don’t just predict future life events, but also communicate, counsel and help you empower your energies. Every individual has his energy and a combination of planets, and each such combination is different. Hence, each person has specific energies and lacks the others, making us all human i.e. not perfect but striving to get there.

My exclusive research, study of planets in your birth chart, study of numbers and the blessings of my parents and guru help me determine the strong energies and planets in you and those that need to be uplifted in order to enable you in achieving your ambitions and dreams. Over the years, I have helped many people by making these negative planet energies positive. It is just like providing nutrition to the body by way of simple remedies and self improvement tools that I have been able to develop by the grace of my guru and the almighty.”  – Jaideepji