It is possible that you are interested in knowing about your birth chart to understand more about your self and future prospects but do not possess your birth details (date, time and place) or are unsure about these details. The most common approach taken in such a case is to make peace with the absence of a birth chart and curb the enthusiasm to learn more about how various planets affect you in different phases of life. But there is an extremely scientific way to overcome the absence of a birth chart and find the correct remedies – palmistry. However, this does not mean that palmistry is useful only in case birth details are not available. While palmistry is useful in the absence of a birth chart, it is equally useful to supplement the findings from the birth chart.

For those individuals who have confusion regarding their birth timings, palmistry can in fact throw some light on the time of birth. Also, gems and stones can be recommended more accurately with the help of palmistry.

In palmistry, we can accurately predict every aspect of the future i.e. family, career, health, finance and marriage, and accordingly provide remedies similar to astrology.

Similar to astrology, palmistry has also been maligned by individuals who are duping people by using inaccurate or incomplete knowledge of palmistry.

For instance, the right hand denotes the part of karmas and left hand denotes bhagya. However, some wrongly interpret that left palm of women and right of men should be analyzed. Another important practice disregarded by most is that the best suitable time to interpret an individual’s palm is in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Services of Palmistry

Palm Report

This report is based on reading of both the palms and provides accurate interpretations for future aspects of a person’s life and associated remedies. In this report, we also provide the individual analysis of planets and a probable horoscope.

Palm Match Making Report

In this report we match the palm of the girl and boy considering marriage and provide guidance for harmonious marital life. It includes tips and suggestions for healthy marital and love life.

Gems and Stones

In this report we provide suggestions related to lucky gems (for career, health, marriage, money and other aspects of life) on the basis of the individual’s palms and vibrations.