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Vedic Guru Chandal Shanti Anushthan

This inauspicious Guru Chandaal yoga form when debilated or weak Guru (Jupiter) combines with Rahu. Different results can be seen due to this particular combination depending upon the house in which it occurs. A person can be very ambitious and self centred. suspicious nature. lack of gratitude, selfishness, extravagant & can be successful too. Tendency [...]

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Vedic Shukra Shanti Anushthan

Place of Shukra or Venus in lagna Kundali indicates Love, beauty, harmony, spouse, lover, romance, marriage, partnership, refinement, style, elegance, charm, peace, joy, happiness, delight, fortune, good luck, purity, sincerity, honesty, gentleness, affection, kindness, sensitivity, attraction, luster, splendor, vanity, glamour etc. If Shukra or Venus is not posited in good position or debilitated it will [...]

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Vedic Guru Shanti Anushthan

Jupiter in lagna Kundali indicates Health, wealth, wisdom, inclination towards religion, knowledge, relation with elder sibling, children, higher education, meditation, honour, merit, fame, virtue, truthfulness, morality, ethics, righteousness, law, justice, politics, optimism, , progress, etc. If Jupiter (Guru) is not posited in good position or debilitated it will give opposite results. A person will likely [...]

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