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Astrological Insights and the Foreseeable Challenges for Bharatiya Janata

Karnataka results had not commented as current results were expected astrologicaly . Please note , these results will not impact Lok Sabha Elections in 2024 , yes one thing alarming is foreseeable ( human calculation) , as have said before also , post March/ April 2024 till October 2024 , hidden conspirators ( sadly both [...]

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Vedic Astrology Not A Magical Solution

Vedic Astrology Not A Magical Solution Vedic astrology IS NOT MAGIC, it is a science that is based on mathematical calculations and astronomical observations. It involves the study of the movement of celestial bodies and their influence on human affairs. This system is highly complex, and all remedies are on the basis of each individual [...]

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Unlocking the Hidden Meanings of Rahu’s Placement in Your Astrological Chart

Rahu is a shadow planet in the Vedic astrological system, and its placement in one's birth chart can have a significant impact on their life. Rahu represents our desires, obsessions, illusions, and the things we crave in life. When Rahu becomes active in our chart, it can bring sudden and unexpected changes, both positive and [...]

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Mahashivratri Mahashivratri means new beginning and this day holds the power to settle all of your dark elements in your chart and life, this was also the day of origin of all the 12 jyotirlingas. This is the best time to enhance our Atmakaraka (planet with highest degree in our Natal chart) 17/02/2023 evening till [...]

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Karam Phal According To Shiv Puran and Garud Puran

Person keeping I'll eye or comparison nature on other's , Cheating of any kind , relationship comparison , cheating on pregnant women, backbiter, fake news spreader, person disrespectful towards parents' , talking I'll with parents wife outside ladies, all have to go through a very worst sudden Mahadev Anger. Person having extra marital affair will [...]

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