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Vedic Astrology Not A Magical Solution

Vedic astrology IS NOT MAGIC, it is a science that is based on mathematical calculations and astronomical observations. It involves the study of the movement of celestial bodies and their influence on human affairs.

This system is highly complex, and all remedies are on the basis of each individual birth chart & each individual’s Karmic account and more.

Many people seek astrological remedies to overcome difficulties in their lives, but these remedies only work if One’s Own Karmic Account Is Favourable , native has complete faith and trust .

When an individual is facing many struggles, it is but natural that they all want instant solutions to their problems, and hope that astrological remedies and upaayes will create quick fixes, that is Not how this works .

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There are many factors that go into doing the calculations , pooja / remedies getting exicuted , all of these cumulatively are extremely complex and have much more impact and effect Energetically on the person Performing / getting remedies Pooja’s done , rather than the person for whom the pooja is being done for.

To put it in a simple example, anyone who has been on a plane, if the pilot does NOT take off, navigate and land the plane correctly, the results are catastrophic.

But if your pilot ensures that the take off, navigation and Landing is done correctly, then the journey is very smooth and safe.

Think of your upaayes the same way, your job is to make sure to keep your seatbelt tight or in this case your Faith and Belief in your prayers and the Almighty, and stay patient in your journey, all upaayes take time, just like how you take time to get from point A to point B when you travel.

We do not teleport magically into another dimension.

People expecting instant magical results over night are highly mistaken and one sided, it takes a lot of cumulative effort and prayers.

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Your Karmic account plays a massive role in your prayers/ upaayes working for you, as to How Long it takes or Why there are hurdles , is solely and solely because of the karmic account your soul is carrying across Past Life Pending Karma’s and in this lifetime as well.

Vedic astrology is a very complex science, and not at all a Immediate Magical Solution to all of your life’s problems (because of your own Past Life Pending Karma’s)

You need to Stay Patient, Have Faith , walk on a single path, complete 💯% Surrender to Almighty and be Consistent with your work to be able to see /achieve the results , which are definite if you are true to yourself (Your soul’s inner conscious)

” Eshwar Sarvopari Hein Ji ”
Vedic Astrology Solutions
(Umeed Se Samadhan)
Hari Om Sai Ram