Vaastu deals with designing and building living environments that are in harmony with the physical and metaphysical forces. Building practices based on limited interpretations of these principles are still prevalent in parts of India. Vaastu tries to harmonize the flow of energy called life-force (Prana) throughout the house by providing the exact directions in which various objects, rooms, materials etc. are to be placed.

Normally we use Vaastu principles for the location and construction of houses and commercial spaces. However, in today’s context as the culture of apartments, pent houses and malls has become more conventional, we need to make adjustments for balancing the energy and harmony of the construction without disturbing or altering the main structure.

Most of us are not aware of the fact that the birth chart provides information not only about the individual’s life, but also about property related aspects such as – location, dimension, colour and structure. In fact there is a great connection between the birth chart and residential and commercial property. Most people focus entirely on acquiring more property without paying heed to how the property aligns with their birth chart and whether it will provide harmony in their life or be a cause of distress.

We can help you in identifying property that is in harmony with your birth chart. In case you already possess property which is causing distress in your life, we can provide remedies to nullify or at least minimize the negative effects. Through some changes of house articles and use of specific colours and yantra, we can help you get maximum energy, vitality and harmony in your house.

Services of Vaastu

Astro-Vaastu Report

In this report we provide the individual accurate recommendations to choose the right direction, color and placement of things in the house / commercial space on the basis of your birth chart. This report also consists information about currently possessed properties, the associated problems and solutions.

Vaastu Report

This is a highly specific report for owned or prospective property. It contains all the positive and negative points of the property (residential or commercial), measures to solve problems related to the property by using certain easily available items, fragrances, etc without altering the structure.