** Hindu Vikram Samvat 2080 , English year 2023 , will be basis or will trigger many events , untoward also in coming Samvatsar’s .

**2023 April to July , Bharatiya all security forces , intelligence, Government, should remain very very vigilant, heavy disturbances various ways possible .

** Medical treatments globally , may see some wrong decisions , treatment , even by known personal , so double check before giving advice

** Post March 2023 within 22 months approximately , Bharatiya security, intelligence may uproot some national , global terrorist organisation, activities ….

** Bharatiya entry in United Nations , It’s security council , possible rather quite possible around 2025/2028 .
Proudly but NOT Egoistically , “Bharat is Destined ” to be in top three economies globally , writing , saying this since 2010 many many times ….

** Next decade may see some great discoveries , invention, impacting positively for human race .

** 2025 -2027 , may see some huge global , internet , satellite, comunication failure last more than 12/24 hour’s .

** Have said earlier also France and overall Europe may see big instability , from March/ April 2023 in hidden ways conspirators will start plotting.

** 2025 onwards major weather changes are possible , winter’s will have major changes.

** Had mentioned earlier, when Taliban came to power , now repeating again uprooting then government , Neighborhood countries , Pakistan and Taliban will become Snake and Moongose enemies .

** Mentioned on Facebook and other platforms , from 2018 onwards , atleast 13 year’s Pakistan may be in unthinkable problems due to self creation , natural disaster , Governmental bad decisions, public unrest , religion orthodoxy , ….

** Health issues including blood related chest may see incidence from March 2023

** Chronic, silent killer like diabeties may see a breakthrough treatment by around 2025 . This may be a big game changer in medicine. Regarding Cancer had already predicted in 2017/2018 digital mediums.

** Stocks with up’s and downs which is natural , overall will be in green till approximately mid 2023 .

** As predicted earlier , Sanatan will keep making it’s growing power more and more nationally and internationally with hidden conspirators plotting game’s often and more often in frustration , it’s destined ji .

** More long pending , public supportive , law’s will be made from March April 2023 onwards in coming 18 month’s especially .
Post that with full throttle Bharatiya growth will be seen more prominently globally. Have been saying on digital and personal platform from 2010/13 / 15 onwards….

** Middle East countries especially Saudi may see some conflicts not seen before.

** Some oceanic major discovery possible in coming few year’s / this decade.

Most importantly,
Eshwar Sarwopari Hein ji, above are general human predictions only .


Vikram Samvat 2080 , top leader's , personalities, should be careful of their health and life threats, security should be beefed up .

Congress will see 4/5 main old congressman leaving within Vikram Samvat 2080 gradually oner a period of time

Probable leaders like Rajasthan CM or Deputy CM Sachin Pilot, Kerela, Shashi Thrur, Chhatisgarh - T S Singh Deo Maharashtra Ashok Chauhan