Karnataka results had not commented as current results were expected astrologicaly .
Please note , these results will not impact Lok Sabha Elections in 2024 , yes one thing alarming is foreseeable ( human calculation) , as have said before also , post March/ April 2024 till October 2024 , hidden conspirators ( sadly both insider’s and offcourse Outsiders including our neighbours ) ,
will / may majorly try to ” Hijack” peaceful elections and growth of Bharatiya Janata , through honest, focused , …. Governance .

Hidden conspiracies / conspirators , traitors, astrologicaly are already active silently since April 2023 onwards ….

They may be silently working till March 2024 , and we may feel good and peaceful , but suddenly from all-around major acts of different kinds are possible hampering our peace and prosperity.

Good thing our esteemed Security, Intelligence , Force’s on borders will take care for sure .

God helps those who help themselves , are internally positive for overall humanity growth in all ways, selfless , farsighted , karmath services .

Saturn Shani ji playing Major Role globally nationally Individually , and have always said, our globally famous leadership is Shani ji Doot , Bharat is destined to grow 🪴 and many law’s, schemes , reforms , are in pipeline for future , ( global transformation has started on 26/12/2019 Solar Eclipse Surya Grahan day – had made a detailed 3 Parts video on YouTube channel Umeed Se Samadhan.

All to make Bharat grow economically, socially….in all respects , it’s our individual duty , responsibility feeling proud , towards our nation where we have grown, made what ever we are today , let’s respect our Motherland Maa Bharati .

More in future post’s
Eshwar Sarwopari Hein Ji
Hari Om Sai Ram

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