Soul DNA the native is carrying , at the time of birth from the past life pending Karma’s , i.e. you ( every soul) is/ are born with certain problems, health issues, education issues , financial issues , marital issues , various obstacles and so on .

Over the year’s these problems , grudges , health issues ,etc. pile up with growing age.
When your soul leaves the body, the Karma’s which were assigned from past life ( at birth time) , have to be marked as completed otherwise you carry forward the same in your next birth .

You can fake your reality ( think you won or cleverly cheated) but you can never fake who you truly are.
You know yourself inside out and this is where the meaning of life will come to picture.


A lot of people will face events such as bankruptcy, divorces , chronic conditions/ hospitalizations and will go through a lot of agony and pain which would seem unbearable at that time but after only after those events – the rise of the native will happen in her/his life.

This happens because in order to go to the next phase of life, one has to clear all the previous baggages and negative energies which have to go out and sometimes due to the same drastic events happen in natives life which eventually cleanses our Soul .

Scientific Vedic Astrology is the only way which can help to learn and minimise about our past and rectify our future for sure , provided one moves on Single Path and with Faith, Trust and Dedication under Eshwariya Baba’s Umbrella ☔ .

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Hari Om Sai Ram