In Hindu mythology, Rahu is a demonic shadow planet, also known as the asura. It is said that Rahu is the head of the serpent who was beheaded by Lord Vishnu. However, due to the trickery of a demon named Svarbhanu, Rahu was able to obtain a sip of the nectar of immortality and became immortal himself. In Vedic astrology, Rahu is considered a malefic planet that can have a significant impact on an individual’s life.

One among Vedic astrology’s nine planets, or grahas, is Rahu. However, unlike other planets, it is not a physical celestial body, but rather a shadow planet. In Hindu mythology, Rahu is depicted as a snake or sarpa, with its head representing the North Node of the moon.

Rahu is often depicted wrapping around the neck of Lord Shiva, and it is believed that Rahu represents all kinds of poisons and intoxicating substances. The poisonous nature of Rahu can destroy everything that it comes into contact with in the horoscope. The effects of Rahu can be both positive and negative, depending on its placement in the birth chart.

Areas of life affected by Rahu

Despite the fact that Rahu is not visible in the night sky like other planets, it can show even more influence in an individual’s life than ordinary planets. Rahu is an illusion and creates a sense of attachment in people. It is also known as the serpent head, representing the power of temptation and deceit.

The placement of Rahu in a person’s horoscope can have a significant impact on their life. It is known to influence the areas of the 5th, 7th, and 9th houses in a person’s horoscope. In Vedic and vaastu astrology, Rahu is associated with the Tamas guna, which represents darkness, lethargy, and ignorance.

Rahu is an illusionary planet or referred to as Krishna’s Maya Jaal. It is also known as the serpent head, and it creates attachments or Moh-Maya. Rahu is the North Node of the Moon, and it can fool you to believe a lie.Rahu rules over the senses, carnal desires, and is associated with the Tamas gun, representing ignorance and inertia. It creates an intense desire for material possessions, which can often lead to greed and addiction. Rahu can have a poisonous effect on the houses and planets that fall under its gaze. Houses can weaken in their karaka, losing energy, and planets can be depleted under the influence of Rahu, harming the owner of the horoscope with their impotence or manifestation of their negative sides.

At the same time, the house in which Rahu is located is a place of human strength, a place where a person can develop unlimitedly in his spiritual aspect by showing courage, perseverance, strong faith in himself and his strength. Possessing a somewhat unusual nature of destruction and expansion, the position of Rahu in the horoscope makes it possible to realize the causes of one’s suffering, global problems in life, and also to find ways to solve them.

Rahu’s astrological placement makes it easy to identify the root reasons of one’s sorrow, major issues with the world, and strategies to address them. Rahu possesses a somewhat unusual nature, the nature of destruction and expansion, which can be both positive and negative depending on the individual’s chart.

Positive and negative effects of rahu

Rahu’s energy can be both positive and negative. On the one hand, it can lead to sudden gains and fame. People who experience overnight success, such as celebrities or entrepreneurs who experience rapid financial growth, are believed to have benefic Rahu in their horoscopes. We often hear of overnight rags to riches, and this is attributed to Rahu’s energy. Rahu is like the amplifier of a microphone, and it can magnify an individual’s potential to achieve success. However, at the same time, Rahu can also cause extreme downfall, and some people are badly affected by it.

In some cases, individuals who are affected by Rahu may not have a father figure in their lives. This could be because their father was not present, or he was not willing to take responsibility for the family, or he may have gotten into trouble, resulting in a significant loss. These individuals may also tend to surround themselves with people who enslave them or make them work at a low reward or award.

Ways to minimise the effects of Rahu

To counteract the negative effects of Rahu, specific chart remedies must be done. These remedies include wearing a gemstone that is associated with Rahu, such as Gomed or Hessonite. Chanting Rahu mantras, performing Rahu pooja or yagya, and fasting on specific days associated with Rahu can also be beneficial. To minimize the negative effects of Rahu, it is important to perform specific remedies based on the individual’s horoscope. These remedies can include chanting mantras, performing yajnas, and wearing gemstones like Hessonite or Gomed.


In conclusion, Rahu is a complex and powerful planet in Vedic astrology. Its placement in a person’s horoscope can have a significant impact on their life, leading to sudden gains or losses, and even influencing their past life karma. By performing specific remedies and working to understand the nature of Rahu, individuals can navigate its influence and use it as a tool for spiritual growth and transformation.