By Your Thumb , How to Know And Improve Your Will Power – Anguthey Sey , Kaisey Karein  Ichchha Shakti Ko Mazbuut

A Lot Can Be Told About Ones Will Power ,  By Seeing Ones Thumb , ( Apart From Astrology ),  Bhaiyaji Shares With You All ,  Few Use Full Tips .
We can know about ” WILL POWER ” by Our Hands , Angutha /  Thumb. If upper part of thumb is Upward Straight  then it shows Strong Will Power.But many times such people become very Stubborn / Arrogant .

If thumb is flat from downside then child’s will power is Weak. If thumb is tilted  forward on making Straight , then Child’s / Persons ,  will Power is Weak. If thumb is straight and long then child’s will Power would be Strong.

If thumb becomes Straight and Tend To Get  Backside , then children can Adjust In Any Situation. Person can face any Situation if he has Strong Will Power.
Few Simple Kaargar Tips —-

Child can Easily Control on such situations if his “Mukhya Graha”  is Strong ,  Person can take Correct Decisions
 Will power  Decreases if the Mukhya Graha  is Weak. (Refer Mail Exclusively On Mukhya Graha )

Such Persons / Children Should  live in Sanidhya / Vicinity Of  Isht and Guru. You can also do Meditation. We can also make will power Strong By Doing Pranayam.

The Lower Part of Thumb Controls the Mind and Spinal Cord. You can also do Acupressure to the Upper Part of Thumb by which you can get Freshness.

Take Inspiration Guidance  from others ( Only From People With Positive Aura , Can Be Younger / Elder To You ) , by which your Will Power Becomes Strong.

By changing Surrounding Environment you can also Increase your Will Power. By using “Swarnabhasma” Will power Becomes Strong. You can use Swarnabhasma , Strictly Under the Observation of Good Doctor.

You can also take Ashwganda which increase your self confidence. It Gives Peace.

Always Use more Copper utensils for eating / drinking water. To make Moon Strong Drink More Water. By drinking water in Copper Glass your Moon and Mars both becomes strong. If Mars And Moon are Bad In Your Chart , Please consult a learned Astrologer  and then do specific  remedies .

Aisey naa ho ki aur Gussa / Blood Pressure / Depression Bar Jaye.
By doing , Faast / Vrat  also , Will Power Increases.
We Sincerely Hope That ,  These  Simple , General , But Fruitful Remedies , Will Benefit You All
 Bas Aapko Shidat Aur Faith Sey Karney Ki AAvashyakta Hai.
Hari Om