Health Issues due to Planets or Markesh

All Vedic pooja performed under guidelines of Renowned Astrologer & Vedic Astro Remedy Expert Jaideepji


Any planet in each horoscope is definitely called Marakesh. The condition of the planet Mars is harmful and painful to the person. In such a situation, financial loss, physical pain or death is possible. The only remedy for all these sufferings is to get treatment through Vedic Mantras. After analyzing the horoscope, the Marakesh planet [...]

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Rudrabhishek means the anointing of Lord Rudra. Rudra is the devastating incarnation of Lord Shiva. According to beliefs, all kinds of grief, pain, difficulty and death are the only factors. According to Vedic rituals, Rudrabhishek is the only simple and effective way to please Rudra Dev. It is believed that "Rudrabhishek" removes all the faults [...]

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If for some reason the person is facing death of death due to premature death or death, then the ritual of Mahamrityunjaya mantra remains the only way to treat through the mantras. It is said that if Shiva himself has not guaranteed death, then in this mantra, there is the power to bring the person [...]

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Many times it is seen that suddenly and unnecessary problems arise in front of you, your growth stops, health starts to feel bad, the arrival of money stops, family happiness and warp - the churning becomes different An odd situation is created that there is no way All these traits are of terrible father faults [...]

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