Ganesh PujaGANESH ANUSHTHAN liberate the Jatak with many kinds of obstacles in life. If your work is being generated unintended obstacles, even after the hard work of the job, there is no progress, not walking in the business. All these situations are related to some kind of disorder and disruption. In such a way, the Vindhaharta GANESH ANUSHTHAN is best.

Special attention is given to the auspicious master, direction and havan samidha in GANESH ANUSHTHAN so that the negative effects that fall in your life can be reduced more and more.

All major rituals are completed in Jaideepji care.

ANUSHTHAN (one day) 25,530 slok chants + Havan Rs. 12,500 / –

ANUSHTHAN (eight days) 1,02120 slok chants + Havan Rs. 41000 / –