Nowadays where all things can be bought by money, there will be no exaggeration if wealth starts giving importance to God. In the absence of money, the imagination of life seems too daunting. According to astrology, seeing the horoscope, it can be said that the sum of money is strong or not. The problem of not stopping the money is also a complex problem, the only solution for such funding problems is KANAK DHARA PATH.

Whenever the owner of the second and eleven house in a horoscope is weak or contaminated, such as Mars, Rahu or Ketu are in another house or their influence is on Chhath or outwardly home, then the problem of money in such a situation will continue to worsen throughout the ages.

KANAK DHARA PATH is done not only for wealth related problems but also for wealth, glory, happiness and prosperity.

KANAK DHARA PATH 101 (Rs. 5,100/-)
KANAK DHARA PATH 501 (Rs. 21000 / – )
KANAK DHARA PATH 1100 (Rs. 51000 / – )