Hari Om Sai Ram ,
Vaastu remedies can and should be seen according to one’s birth chart and not through bookish knowledge only , as many people practice today.
Please consult a qualified Astrologer before following as below mentioned are general tips /remedies for making daily life easy.
Like for the house, bathroom, drawing room, kitchen , the aspects of Vaastu are different.
1. Bedrooms – It’s the place where we sleep, rest, and get peaceful sleep , rejuvenating our body and mind.
2.  The Happiness and peacefulness of the house are governed by the bedroom.
3. Jyotish wise, comfort, peace of mind is governed by Venus (Shukra) and Moon (Chandrama) hence Shukra and Chandrama have a direct connection with the bedroom.
Saturn (Shani) is also connected with the bedroom as this planet governs sleep (with the hypnotic enzyme).
4. Vaastu of the bedroom if disturbed, the natives staying in the house will have arguments and disturbed mind.
5. Husband and wife’s relationship will get badly affected to the extent of separation, creating a disturbing martial and family life,
Hence always keep Vaastu of bedroom correct, so that peace prevails at home
(Post-series will continue )
Hari Om Sai Ram
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