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Vaastu Remedies can and should be seen according to one’s birth chart and not thru bookish knowledge only ,as many people are  practicing today.
1. Direction: Understanding the directions of bedroom,is very important ,  best is south west area of the house, next best is west side and north west.
2. Its bad having bedroom in north east, and south east, if possible please avoid.
3. Sleeping Position:
The head/pillow ,  while sleeping , should be on the south side or east side, never keep your head towards north, which will create health and peace issues.
Head facing west side is good for the guest room.
4.Never keep too many pillows on bed while sleeping , some have habit of keeping under legs , arms , such houses people will have understanding issues amongst them .
5. Always make your bed of wood ,
Iron and other metals must be avoided.
6. Beds should always be in Proper Square or Rectangular shape .
7. Avoid having circular bed, there will be no peace in life, obstacles will increase in life in due course of time .
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