Hari Om Sai Ram ,
Vaastu Remedies can and should be seen according to one’s birth chart and not thru bookish knowledge only , as many people practice today.
1. Beds with no in built storages are best .
2. If the beds have storage facility, then only keep bed sheet’s clothing,  etc.
3. Never ever keep Iron things, electronics, knives, slippers, brooms  etc in the bed storage or under it .
4. If bed is alleviated , please clean at least with a broom everyday , no spider webs dirt  etc. should be there .
5. Please paint your bedroom walls in light shades, like pink, light green, cream, white, please avoid any dark colors in the bedrooms.
6. Never ever put a mirror in the bedroom, if you have one , please avoid your feet facing the mirror.
7. Please avoid Tv and other electronics gadgets like mobiles etc. in the bedroom, if Tv is there please try and keep it atleast  10  feet away.
8. Please do not keep any Mandir or Dustbins In the bedrooms.
8. Try and light some scented candles or mild agarbatti, or spray a mild  room freshener in the bedroom, best to do daily or atleast once a week.
9. Mopping the floor, please try and put sea salt mixed water , everyday , or least twice a week. It will ward away the negative energy’s.
10. Keep the door closed after use , of attached or any  bathrooms at home .
11. It’s very important that no torn bed sheets , pillow cover , should be used .
12. Never ever eat food on bed ,many people , now a days rat on bed , ( some even lying down ) ,  watching TV or mobile on bed . Unknowingly one is calling bad negativity of Shani ji/ Saturn on himself .
Practicing these simple things in everyday life , will make one’s own sleep and  life  peaceful .
Good Sleep Quality Leads To A Strong Working Memory , Suggests A Study .
The Study Was Published In  Journal Of The International Neuropsychological Society .
Hari Om Sai Ram
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