Hari Om Sai Ram ,


It is rightly said that health is wealth and while some people tend to keep healthy and fit even till there old age, some have health issues either by birth or from a young age and may even continue to be unwell till they are old.

Did you know that your health and each part and organ of the body is governed by different planets.

For instance, Mars / mangal, which is said to be the senapati  of planets and hence takes care of body organs and life as a caretaker. Immune system and aantarik takat of a person depends on Mars of the native. A native with strong Mars doesn’t get health problems easily and issues like cough, cold, stomach problems keep away from such person.

If in the birth chart Guru/Jupiter is strong, then even if the person falls ill, such a person will come out of the health issue soon and would tend to have a long life.

If along with life line / jeewan rekha, parallel line i.e. mangal rekha is also prominent , the person lives a healthy and long life .

House vibrations also play a major role in a person’s health. If the house has no negativity and family members are staying calmly and peacefully, such families keep diseases away from their home. Also, houses where Diya Aarti is done twice daily and ekadshi, amavasya and purnima are followed, diseases are at bay.


Few general remedies to keep healthy and disease free:

  1. Offer jal to Surya daily as rays have power to eradicate diseases
  2. Perform diya aarti prarthna daily
  3. Keep a check on the type of food you eat and avoid outside/processed food
  4. Keep good company as negativity around you can harm your health too
  5. Guru sandhya is also very good for health
  6. Apply sandal and use sandal agarbatti
  7. Wear Moonga or panna (ONLY AFTER asking a learned astrologer)


Remember, one’s health is in one’s own hands.


Hari Om Sai Ram


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