Maa-KatyayaniIf married life is not peaceful it will create problems not only between husband & wife but also disturb their kids. The whole family get disturb if the relationship between the married couple disturb.

There are many reasons which are responsible for creating hurdles in married life, like:

  • Marriage without matching kundali for Guna Milan.
  • Marriage without remedy of Manglik Dosha.
  • Marriage without remedy of  malefic seventh house.
  • Effect of malefic planet like Saturn (Shani), Rahu or malefic effect of benefice planet if posited malefic.

In Marriage cases when  Kundali is effected by more than one malefic planet then Maa Katyayni Anushthaan is the ultimate solution for happy & peaceful married life.

Solution: In normal situation when kundali is analysed before marriage , shanti anushthaan of malefic planet is enough . But after marriage if problem occurs by more than one reason  Maa Katyayni Anushthaan is the best solution for Vivah Badha or Vvah Bhangh Dosh.

Best Time for Anushthaan: Maa Katyayni Anushthaan can be done between  prathma & navmi tithi of any month.  This anushthaan can also be started on any friday but according to ved 7 puraan any Anushthaan related to Maa Bhagwati if done during navratri can give tremendous results .

Quantity: Maa Katyayni Anushthaan can be minimum of three days & maximum of nine days.

Maa Katyayni Anushthan
Maa Katyayni 3 dys Puja Maa Katyayni 6 dys Puja Maa Katyayni 9 dys Puja
Rs.21000/- Rs.51000/-