Mangla-Gauri-PujaMANGLA GAURI ANUSHTHAN are very effective if the marriage is being born in the obstacle due to the Mangal defect in the horoscope. Mangal defect arises due to sitting in the horoscope of Mangal, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house in the horoscope. As a result, in the event of interference in marriage or post-marriage, due to our ideological differences, the status of planet complexity is generated.

MANGLA GAURI ANUSHTHAN are all about removing all the obstacles related to marriage, there is the relief of Mangal Dosh and the beginning of a happy married life.

Special attention is given to the auspicious master, direction and havan samidha in the MANGLA GAURI ANUSHTHAN so that the negative effects of Mars can be reduced more and more.

All major rituals are completed in Jaideepji care.


MANGLA GAURI ANUSHTHAN (3 Days) Rs 21,000 / –

MANGLA GAURI ANUSHTHAN (9 days) Rs 51,000 / –