bal-gopal-krishna-hdDespite the many pleasures of many couples in life, happiness of children is not achieved. If a person is in the horoscope of either one or both of his spouse, then the problem of the child is related to the child. Santan Gopal Rituals will help you overcome the problems of your horoscope.

According to Hindu religion, Bal Gopal Swaroop of Krishna ji is considered to be the most reverend. The child is worshiped in the hair gopal rituals of Lord Shri Krishna. This ritual has been considered to be very auspicious and beneficial for destined couples.

Mantras chanting and havan are done in Santan Gopal Ritual.

Laghu Santaan Gopal Anushthaan Rs. 21,000/-
Deergh Santaan Gopaal Anushthaan Rs. 51,000/-