Budh-PujaMercury in lagna Kundali indicates education, memory power, nervous system, sense of humour, communication skills, career, business, sharp mind, grasping power, hand writing etc… If Mercury (Budh) is not posited in good position or debilitated it will give opposite results. Moreover badly positioned Mercury can also give break in education, loss of Memory power, communication gap with people, Business Losses, nervous disorder and suffer from blood pressure and sugar problem etc.

In such cases where Budh (planet Mercury) is giving Negative result , The Vedic Budh Shanti Anushthan is the most effective way to reduce its effect.

In Vedic Budh Shanti we do Jap of Its Mantras, Stuti & Yagya for the particular person. We also take care of auspicious Muhurt, Direction, Havan Samidha and Samagri who please the Budh (planet mercury).

All Major Karma done under my guideline.

One Day Anushthan                                      17000 Mantra Jap +Hawan         Rs. 9100/-
Eight Days Anushthan                                  75480 Mantra Jap +Hawan         Rs. 31,000/-