KetuKetu is the second most malefic planet after Rahu , it only gives positive result when it placed alone in 3rd, 10th , 11th and 12th house, where it gives quite good result.

Apart from above mentioned places Ketu always give very negative result in any kundali.It gives very worse result in 5th and 8th house. It becomes more worse when its Mahadasha or antar dasha comes. It creates so much problem in education, career growth , children, married life etc depending which place it is affecting. It gives major accidents, almost all kind of severe road accidents take places in the influence of Ketu especially Brain Haemorrhage.

In above such cases where Ketu is giving Negative result , The Vedic Ketu Shanti Anushthan is the most effective way to reduce its effect.

In Vedic Ketu Shanti Anushthan we do Jap of Its Mantra, Rudrabhishek , Stuti & Yagya for the particular person.We also take care of auspicious Muhurt, Direction, Havan Samidha and Samagri who suppress the negative impact of Ketu Dosha.

All Major Karma done under my guideline.

One Day Anushthan             18,870 Mantra Jap +Hawan       Rs. 9100/-
Eight Days Anushthan         75480 Mantra Jap +Hawan        Rs. 31,000/-