moon_chandraFrom the place of the moon in the marriage horoscope, there is knowledge about the status of mind, relationship with the mother, feelings, sensations, moods, fantasies, foresight, eyes, love, safety, development, popularity, expenditure, sensitivity etc. The lowly moon is capable of giving opposite results such as mental imbalance, disqualification, delay, obstacles inability and depression etc. Corrupted Moon gives health related problems such as chest problems, mental stress, etc.

Vedic moon peace ritual is the only remedy for reducing the bad effects of low moon or bad moon.

Chandra Mantra is chanting, chanting and sacrificing Chandra Mantra. Special attention is given to the auspicious master, direction and havan samidha in the Vedic moon peace ceremony, so that the negative effects of the corrupted moon can be reduced more and more.

Anushthaan (One Day) 11000 mantr jap +havan Rs. 7100/-
Anushthaan (Eight Day) 49840 mantr jap +havan Rs. 21000/-