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HARI OM , Coronavirus: What to do at this time?

Hari Om Sai Ram , Since most people are/soon will be working from/stuck at home and children are off from school, these testing times of being struck by a pandemic can be both scary and frustrating. However, you can better chanelize your time and energies rather than giving into the natural fear of the situation [...]

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HARI OM , The Astrology of Pademics

Hari Om Sai Ram ,   #General #Prediction's #Series #Pandemic #Coronavirus #Astrological View Point There can be two ways of seeing and analysing the current Coronavirus pandemic. One is planetary/nakshatra positions and combinations (science of astrology). Second is by logical reasoning and doing western scientific research. In the current situation, we have very little knowledge [...]

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HARI OM , Numerology and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Hari Om Sai Ram ,   #Coronavirus #Numerologically #Prospective   Coronavirus is 43 , i.e. 7 ketus number , symbolising , unrest , failure , catastrophy , imbalance etc..   Covid 19 - 31, i.e. 4 which is Rahu number , signifying , lonlyness , isolation , self illusions , etc etc .   Do [...]

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HARI OM , Ongoing Time and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Hari Om Sai Ram ,   #Coronavirus , #Covid19 #Astrological #View Astrology predictions are for the benefit of individuals, families, countries and even our entire planet. The current fight against coronavirus is a classic example of all human beings coming together to fight a global disaster and if #honest #astrological #guidance is taken, it can [...]

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HARI OM , Saturn Homecoming After 30 Years

#Saturn #Homecoming #After #30 #Years Shani ji transits in to Capricorn on 24th January 2020 around 12 noon for coming three years approximately . Saturn will remain #retrograde from 11th May to 29th September 2020 and will remain in #combustion state during December where it's impacts will decrease . #Scorpio Sade sati has ended today [...]

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HARI OM , How to achieve Name, Fame, Pratishtha

Hari Om Sai Ram ,   Everybody is not born with a golden or silver spoon and each one of us has to struggle in life to achieve what we derive meaning from, be it fame, social status, success or anything else that we attach value to. Astrologically, if Sun/Surya, Moon /Chandrama and Jupiter /Guru [...]

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Hari Om Sai Ram ,   Below are the predictions for all moon signs for the month of June 2019. Please note that these are general predictions for each moon sign and you must consult a learned astrologer for individual birth chart specific predictions and remedies. Aries People with Aries moon sign may have to [...]

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