Hari Om Sai Ram ,


Below are the predictions for all moon signs for the month of June 2019. Please note that these are general predictions for each moon sign and you must consult a learned astrologer for individual birth chart specific predictions and remedies.


People with Aries moon sign may have to undergo stress due to health issues of their children, especially during middle of the month and expenses may be incurred on the health of their children. Towards end of the month, pressure due to professional reasons may make you pessimistic.

Friendships may give you trouble. In your nuptial/love life, you may find it hard to give time to your partner, and your family may register their concern on this issue by middle of the month.

However, Venus in Taurus will help you choose good words in relationships which will bring harmony and reduce tensions. Abstain yourself from arguments at workplace as difficulties in profession are possible. Beginning a new partnership will be good but colleagues at work may not support you.

You will find it hard to implement your financial schemes, but your artistic skills will keep attracting finances for you during this month. Courage in risky fields of investment can give good returns, so start investing what you this might be good. Relations with mother may remain strained. You may receive some sad news.


Mercury transit this month shows that for more success, you may want to consult your friends or younger siblings. Make sure that you do not break your regularity in the middle of the month. New friendships will come into being, and a new friendship can also evolve into a love affair. Recreation will help you retain concentration in your professional work. But differences with partner after 20th June can cause considerable tensions.

Health will be fine this month but you would encounter problems related to eyes. Health of your father, especially stomach related issues, will be cause of concern. Your siblings will provide support amidst tensions. Job change is possible. This month will require you to be extra-energetic. Your tendency to save yourself from theft, deceit and dispute will save you from many blushes. You will manage to overpower your opponents and will take initiatives to solve your problems at workplace.


Present position of Mars ensures that you will remain cautious about your progress and hard work, but results of your endeavors will be slightly delayed. Your superiors will overlook your mistakes and will make your life easier. Decision making will lead to delay in execution of plans. Owing to your experience, knowledge, courage and experience, your efforts will increase after middle of the month. You can also get results of some work done in previous months. Opponents in job/business will increase your tensions. There will be income from foreign or other states. Stay away from altercation at work place. Health of your family members, especially of mother, will be a cause of concern. After initial debacles, yours and the health of other family members will get fine but that of mother will recover slowly. Due to subdued luck, you will find yourself only after 22nd June, but indulge yourself in creative activities to get your confidence back. You can also spend this entire month in fulfilling your desires and hobbies. Your may undertake journeys with friends and may enjoy them thoroughly. Your may also devote wholeheartedly to your relationship with your spouse. This time is apt for making new friendships, however, do not hope friends to complete the task which you leave for them. Tensions in nuptial life may see a good reduction owing to your efforts of spending more time with family. You may take initiative to resolve disputes in the family. Elders in family may also help in getting your relations improve with your spouse. Spicy food can cause problems, you are advised to avoid throughout the month.


The risk of damage to electronic items which began in May still persists, so keep taking care of electronic items, and make sure they do not cause your more damage in other forms. Sign change of Mercury in the beginning of this month will keep creating difference in opinions with family which is why you will often feel that your family isn’t able to understand you properly. Things will get better when Mercury changes sign again after 20th. However, elder siblings will give you support and nearness with spouse will be maintained. Situations are developing where your desires for your children will get fulfilled. You will get to spend time with your friends. Take care that friends who borrow your things return them in time. You will adopt sophisticated techniques for implementation at work place. But despite your hard work, you may remain suspicious about success in them. You may find that many tasks do not get fulfilled at the end stage. In the end of the month, you may be successful in pleasing your seniors which may increase your chances of promotion. Do not invest your money on hearsay otherwise it will remain stuck for an unpleasantly long period. You may courageously involve yourself in new plans to earn. Tensions with mother may give your unnecessary stress but you should take care of your mother’s health in this month. Pain in joints across the body may be a cause of trouble for you and it is advised that you seek proper medical consultation before taking any medication.

Avoid taking wrong routes and approaching contacts to get your work done in this month. Obstacles may reduce your confidence but the month of June promises that your leadership skills wouldn’t see a downfall and you may lead your team to complete many important and pending projects. You will find a way out even in adverse conditions. Do not leave any important tasks for colleagues to finish. You can look for a job switch in final week of this month after Mars changes its sign. There may be ups and downs in your finances. Faults in your policies may keep coming up. Your hard work may not see good results, but way of progress may open at the end of the month. You can start a new partnership in this month if you want to. The most caution which should be maintained in June is in the love life. Immense chances are seen of a termination of relationship. Act with utmost care. You are advised to have faith in your partner and not fall prey to any rumour or confusion about partner’s loyalty. In the middle of the month, chances are developing that you may get into a new relationship with the opposite gender at your workplace. Relations with friends may also not be good. You should take care of health this month. Problems related to skin can pop up in the middle of the month. You may also meet with an accident. Health of younger siblings may also be a cause of concern.

Professional plans may get completed due to your patience, skills and management. However, success may be delayed. You may overpower your opponents with surprising policies. Agreements related to commerce and job may be undertaken. Projects carried out in partnership will meet completion. In the middle of the month, you may get obstacles in attempts which may diminish as the month progresses. Seniors may not have cordial behaviour with you, and subordinates may also warrant explanations more than once. Focus at your targets at the end of the month, and do not get distracted with things which are irrelevant for your profession. You should keep track of any person who might be misreporting your progress to your seniors/superior officers. Long journeys with life partner can be undertaken. In the middle of the month, relatives and neighbours may render help in completion in tasks where you want to remain absent owing to professional commitments. Old friendship can take form of a new love affair. New friends may be made but they may not be trustworthy and can land you in problems. Your foes will also make attempts to sever one of your friendships. Health of your children may give you tensions but the issues may be short-lived. You should not let tension surround you as in this month, tension is sufficient to trigger some health related issues in your life. Take care of father’s health.

Instead of avoiding instructions of superiors, it may be better to obey the advice given by them. Partnership, professional as well as financial, may be beneficial for you. Gains beyond your hope may surprise you. You can make sound gains through share market in the end of the month. You may suffer due to theft or deception in the starting of the month. Professional journeys may keep getting postponed in June, however, you may make profits from long journeys. Towards the end of June, expenses in daily life may see a considerable increment. Make good plans to stop leakage of money. This month may also result in increase of temper and nerve related problems like headaches, etc. Do not let aggression in behaviour take a toll on your relations and health. In the middle of the month, all the problems in your love sphere may evaporate, and the conditions of mistrust which may have been prevailing with partner may also come to an end. Time is fruitful for love and friendship, but even then, do not show hurry in making decisions. This month may give immense happiness to your family towards the end of the month. Overall, a great month when you can do well on the financial front and unite your family.

Saturn and Venus this month will ensure that you may go into disputes with your relatives and can also develop ego in your relationship which is not good. You may start getting cooperation from children, but things said by them would look less credible to you in the final week. Patience is required to handle marital life. With your sensible behaviour, you may able to uproot contradictions in love life. Friends can make you spend more, so keep a watch on your pocket while spending on them. Your partner may suffer occasionally from headaches. You should take care of stomach and throat related issues. Avoid taking drinks which are very cold. Also be cautious of vehicles in the first 14 days of this month. Financially, June is an excellent month for people having Scorpio Moon Sign. You may not only outsmart your opponents, but may use the saved money for your expansion plans. Gain from sale-purchase of movable items or property is seen. Your relations with some officers or superiors may help you but refrain from tasks involving too much risk or too much courage in this month. You can get back some stuck money which you lent in the past. You can and should look to invest the money in long term schemes. Avoid changing your job in this month. Do not trust your colleagues too much as it can be harmful for you. Professional success can go down in the end of the month but some adjustments may help you retain the same pace.

Your financial conditions this month may not see many ups and downs, and may remain on the higher side. However, some sudden expenses can increase your problems. Plans contemplated in the beginning of the month may have high chances of completion but well-thought plans are needed. Maintaining positivity may help in increasing your sources of income. Your saved money may see increment but you are advised to refrain from investing in foreign countries and from taking risks in June. Ketu promises that your status may improve at the work place and seniors may acknowledge your work. You should not let your attention divert to useless things and focus only on targets at the workplace. Trades in partnership may be beneficial to you. Your responsibilities and burden of workload may increase, but as said before, seniors will recognize it. You can also consider buying a new vehicle. Friends can help in tasks related to family. Expenditure on children, who can act stubborn this month, may be a cause of concern. There may be ups and downs in relationships, but your partner may give professional help in the middle of this month, or may make things easier for you so that you can complete some pending professional tasks. New affairs coming into being in the starting of this month may be short lived. By month end, relationship may get back to normal. Take care of your partner’s health which looks somewhat fragile this month. Avoid indulging in risky work as chances of injury are seen. Too hectic a schedule can lead to tiredness. Otherwise, June looks good on health perspective.

Presence of Saturn with Ketu indicates that long term affairs can culminate into marriage this month. Love affairs beginning in this month may go a long way. New friendships may also come into being but make friends after a thorough check of credibility. Due to indulgence in journeys, whether long or short, you may not be able to devote time to your love life but your partner/spouse will be supportive in this cause. Relations with father can get strained and behaviour of other family members may give you stress, but it may be good for you to not vent out anger on family members for such conditions are only for a short time period. June is the month of extreme caution on health front. A little bit of ignorance can throw you into illness, that too in a month where a strong immunity is not seen. You may get active to improve your financial conditions and may use your creative ability in your profession for more gain. You may increase your control on management issues and may decrease professional expenses. You can also review your financial policies. You can get confused while making decisions in the second and third week of June, but this condition may fade away when Mars moves to Cancer on 22nd of June. Some amount invested in foreign land may give your profit. To get complete result of hard work, you may have to struggle. A diplomatic and sweet speech may help pending work get completed. Difference of opinions at workplace should be quickly sorted out else chances of a job change are evident. Cooperation of colleagues may not be up to the mark in the last week of this month.

In this month, you may have to do a lot of struggle but making repeated attempts may ensure that the work gets completed. You can consider switching your job. You can play a crucial role in completion of pending tasks of your team. You can talk of your promotion in the month end, and your opponents may also remain silent during that period. You can face false allegations or can be implicated into disputes of which you may not be a part. Don’t take many risks in June. Success may bring back your confidence. Increasing professional expenses may disturb your budget. Keep your enemies in check through your influence. Do time management of daily tasks so that you are able to take out time for other important tasks. Profits may be lesser in comparison to your hard work. Avoid journeys. Your friends and relatives may give you help, but your enemies may try their best to cause you damage. Help from friends may also result in new friendships. Your family and friends may not be supportive of your relationship turning into marriage, so waiting is the best policy for now. A sad news may give you emotional instability. Use your intelligence to maintain peace in your family. You may be ecstatic due to success of your children. This month is fine on the health front. Take care from vehicles.

The month of June brings with itself great chances of income. Immense help may be rendered by seniors and your own experience but refrain from taking risks in this period. To get support from your juniors, you may have to rely on your speech which should be sweet. Professional foreign journeys may come to an end and change of place is also seen towards the end of the month. You are advised to keep your professional policies secret. You will be able to keep your enemies and opponents under check. Your work will not get stuck due to want of money because you may get a desired loan. Even if the luck factor is suppressed, you may get work done due to your courage and hard work. Ego in your partner may create problems in marital life. However, their self-realization may bring relations back to normal. You are advised to not go further if you find yourself attracted to the opposite gender around the middle of the month, even if your popularity increases among them. Your family may remain tensed due to your excessive efforts in professional life. Your children should avoid places of height as their chances of getting hurt at such places are possible. Save yourself from water borne diseases and take care of food of your children. Small health ailments may become fine by the last week. You should maintain calmness in your behaviour.


Hari Om Sai Ram