#Saturn #Homecoming #After #30 #Years

Shani ji transits in to Capricorn on 24th January 2020 around 12 noon for coming three years approximately .

Saturn will remain #retrograde from 11th May to 29th September 2020 and will remain in #combustion state during December where it’s impacts will decrease .

#Scorpio Sade sati has ended today ,
#Sagittarius (next two and half years) #Capricorn ( five years ) , #Aquarius (eight years ) will be under influence of #Shani #Sade #Sati .

#Libra and #Gemini moon sign’s will be under #Shani #Dhaiya #influence .

This major transit will have #different #impacts #globally on nation’s , #individual , #climate , #relationships #economic ups’ down’s , jobs business etc .

This transit period if utilized properly , can give #immense #positive results , for details please refer our earlier posts on our #website

In coming post we will update you with #generalized #impact on all #twelve #moon #sign’s.

Saturn’s Homecoming (transit from Sagitarius/Dhanu rashi to Capricorn/Makar rashi after 30 Years will bring with it #worldwide #changes.
Some of these changes include –

– Sudden climatic changes would be witnessed globally . Water borne diseases , water scarcity will be seen in excess this year 2020 after June / July till especially October

– Religious fanaticism and extremism probable in various parts of the world

– Major political changes are predicted with unthinkable results

– Feeling of desperation, hopelessness and negativity will increase in individuals and mutual trust will decrease in many spheres

– Common cases of damage to life and property due to technical and / or technological reasons ( including cyber crime )

– Unfortunate violent deaths possible . War like situation , small wars possible , but no large scale wars are foreseen

– Issues with new investments ( Before making any big investments, one should preferably wait till next year or at least make a well informed decision if it is absolutely necessary to invest in this year itself ) Economic situation, global markets will get better after 2022 , though form July /September 2020 things will start getting little better gradually with ups and downs .

– A lot of things which appear positive initially may end up giving negative results, so be careful

Moon sign wise general predictions and remedies will follow soon.

However, irrespective of your chart or moon sign, the most important remedy to minimize obstacles in this year and even otherwise is #GOOD #LIFESTYLE (fixed routine, good sleep, healthy diet, regular exercise patience and non-violence).

We all must pray that the year 2020 does not turn out to be a devastating year for anyone across the globe.

Hari Om Sai Ram