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There can be two ways of seeing and analysing the current Coronavirus pandemic.
One is planetary/nakshatra positions and combinations (science of astrology).

Second is by logical reasoning and doing western scientific research.

In the current situation, we have very little knowledge and can’t predict or analyse everything accurately. But, like the medical science community is trying to understand what they are dealing with and how to counter it, even the astrological community should do research on the subject with honesty.
To better understand the pandemic, I went back to old data related to pandemics and epidemics, to analyse the astrology behind such spread of disease –

1. Back in 1346 to 1353 , epidemic called #Black #Death happened, taking mid year 1350 approximately (as things planetarily peak in middle of any period). This was caused by the Plague and about 200 million people died. Areas affected were Europe, Asia and Africa (almost the whole world was engulfed).

2. 1910/1911 – Cholera spread on large scale in parts of Africa, Middle East, parts of Europe and Russia. Around 8 to 10 million people lost their lives.

3. The 1918 epidemic Influenza spread – deaths occurred between 20 to 50 million in many parts of the world.

4. 1956 to 1958 – the Asian flu influenza epidemic occurred with epicenter being China. 20 million people lost lives with 70 thousand in the US alone.

5. Between 1968 and 1970 – The virus spread with epicenter being south east Asian countries like China Hong Kong Vietnam etc. 10 million people lost lives with 5 million in Hong Kong alone.

(All data has been taken out from internet sources)
Analysis in astrology is must and in depth analysis helps to know the actual root causes of such mishaps. Below are the findings based on my analysis.

Rahu ( windy illusive planet) alone cannot make such epidemics. Saturn/Shani ji is a mass distructive planet) and Jupiter also has mass destructive tendency. If both get in bad positions and combination they can create havoc. While going back in data of past years , three common factors are commonly noticed , and they are presently also going on. vedicastrologysolutions

First factor is that all planets are between Rahu and Ketu making a struggling/bad Yog.

Second factor is that Saturn and Jupiter’s yuti combination is badly affecting the world.

Third factor is Saturn being in his shatru/enemy Rashis i.e. in Mars , Sun or Moon rashis. Saturn gives maximum bad effects when in Moon’s cancer/kark or Mars’ aries/mesh rashis and in Jupiter/Guru prabhav.

Here I want to add that Vishkumbh Yog is forming i.e. if Saturn moon is aspecting in any way, then medicines and medical treatment will not give good effect and people will keep changing doctors/medicines etc and by the time the solution is found, it will get too late.
Also, Jupiter’s position matters a lot to save people from such tragedies.
Now taking the case of the present situation of the Coronavirus, since Saturn is in its #own #house #Capricorn , though Jupiter is moving/nearing towards its beech Rashi Capricorn, very high death count in lacs will not occur.

With passing time Shani will go on increasing degrees in Capricorn (will be here for 2.5 years), Surya will be ucch in some time and Guru will get neech Rashi causing loss to economy, financial loss etc but loss of people will be contained in some way.

In fact, Shani, from whom people are afraid, will only #help getting things better gradually from mid April along with pita/father Surya who will be ucch from 17th April.
#Mass #fatalities may #not #happen in lacs and percentage of fatality will be around #4 #percent over all.
But because of #bad #jupiter position , coming times will be #tough #economically. Many major changes are foreseen .
Also, in the present situation beware of #unknown or known #fear which Rahu planet is creating.

So do not #panic based on #fake news as acting based in fake news can impact #individuals and the larger #community.

For the #future –

1. In coming times, 2028 will again be a very tough time and huge financial loss is predicted.

2. Major life and financial loss period will be between 2037 and 2039. These years we have to be extremely careful of any calamity and multiple nations going for war. vedicastrologysolutions

In the near future, I will predict and post few more such dates and years.

For now let’s #focus on the current scenario and

Please note, #Astrology is not meant to #replace #medical #science but #astrological #guidance can help medicine like all others #spheres of life.

Always remember , no one on this Bhumi is above Parents And Eashwariya , Gods Blessings , Aashirwad .
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God Bless Hindustan With Lots Of Patience, Peace And Prosperity .

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Always remember , no one on this Bhumi is above Parents And Eashwariya , Gods Blessings , Aashirwad .
Hari Om Sai Ram

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