Timing for Vivah :
Saturday 5th November evening 6pm till 6th November 4 pm .

Purify your place of worship by sprinkling cow urine ( Patanjali is good ) & wipe the floor preferably yourself.
Place Tulsi ji at the center of your place of worship aligned towards your idols , & cover with Red Chunari.

Place Shaligram ji with Tulsi Maa or Vishnu Mahalaxmi ji photo .

Make or buy 365 cotton ready made batti with one or two extra for bhool chook maafi.

In a big diya put pure desi ghee & light up one batti for 365 days. Cow ghee is best
Along with any white mithai as prashad.

Take 7 Pari Krama around Tulsi ji with your wife around Tulsi Maa and Shaligram ji Importantly husband behind, ONLY DO SHAMA PRARTHNA.

For unmarried they will do individually 7 pari krama & SHAMA PRARTHNA ONLY.

Once Puja is complete wrap Shaligram ji or Vishnu Mahalaxmi Idol in a Yellow Cloth & keep in Tulsi ji.

If u cannot keep with Tulsi ji then same can be kept with other idols of worship in your puja Ghar.

On 7th Nov ie Monday Morning Tulsi Ji can be placed back to where u kept before .
Hari Om Sai Ram