GrahanGrahan Dosha becomes in the Kundali when Moon or Sun or Both affected by Either Raahu or Ketu. It gives very negative effect of that perticular house in the kundali where it takes place. for example if raahu and Moon are positing in 8th house then it become very dangourous for life and health , same if it takes place in 7th house the you will fail in any kind of business it also give very poor health or so much disputes with spouse.

In above such cases where Grahan Dosha is giving Negative result , The Vedic Grahan Dosha Shanti Anushthan is the most effective way to reduce its effect.

In Vedic Grahan Dosha Shanti we do Jap of Raahu or Ketu Mantra, Sun or Moon who ever effected, Rudrabhishek , Jap of Rudragayatri mantra , Stuti & Yagya for the particular person.

We also take care of auspicious Muhurt, Direction, Havan Samidha and Samagri who suppress the negative impact of Grahan Dosha.

All Major Karma done under my guideline.

Vedic Grahan Shanti Anushthan

Mantra (Rahu/Ketu/ Surya/ Chandra)+ Rudrabhishek + Rudragaytri Jap + Stuti & Yagya

Rs. 21,000/-