chandalThis inauspicious Guru Chandaal yoga form when debilated or weak Guru (Jupiter) combines with Rahu. Different results can be seen due to this particular combination depending upon the house in which it occurs.

A person can be very ambitious and self centred. suspicious nature. lack of gratitude, selfishness, extravagant & can be successful too. Tendency to portray others in the negative light & desire to live in solitude is also possible. . If Jupiter is malefic then this position gives distress, mental stress and suffer losses. The native will become a pauper. poisonous in his speech & There will be chaos in the domestic life.

In above such cases where Guru & Rahu conjunction is giving Negative result , The Vedic Guru Chandaal Shanti Anushthan is the most effective way to reduce its effect.

In Vedic Guru Chandaal Shanti Anushthan we do Jap of Brahaspati(Jupiter) & Rahu Mantra, Stuti & Yagya for the particular person.

We also take care of auspicious Muhurt, Direction, Havan Samidha and Samagri who suppress the negative impact of Rahu & weak Jupiter.

All Major Karma done under my guideline.


Guru Chandal Dosh Shanti Anushthan

Mantra Jap (Jupiter & Rahu) + Stuti & Yagya

Rs. 21,000/-