Were you born in night time ? Was your child born in night time ? Then there is some special care and “Parenting” to be done .Bhaiyaji always stresses on Parenting of a child to become a Good Educated Cultured Healthy Family Person in Future .Its important for overall future of our country also. Bhaiyaji gives us  few general Astrological Tips and Remedies for Parenting and Nature of People born in night time .
According to astrology, children have different nature according to  their time of birth. In this regard Parenting would be different for every child. Characteristic would be different of the child when they are born between sunrise and sunset.In this post we concentrate on children born between Sunset to before Sunrise time
Children think too much who born in night. They may become artist. They give good advice to others. They may become good doctors.They get prestige after extra hard work. They have shyness / hesitation in nature. They can get progress by doing some remedies of Moon, Sun and Jupiter.

You should teach children  Creativity rather than Imagination. They must  see Sunrise. Such children  should be in vicinity of father.

They should stay in touch of mother. You should teach them to laugh. They have to learn creativity. They have to do “Om Shram Shrim Shrom Saha Chadramasye Namaha” best under moon light in shukla paksh , offering little milk mixed in water. Such children should have extra water every day .

They can get benefited by performing small  Havan and Gayatri Yagna themselves with Parents  at  Sunrise time at least once in month on Sunday.

They can wear 6-7 ratio’s pearl in silver ring on index finger on Monday. Please refer a good astrologer before wearing any stones .

Such people / children must  do tilak , of  paste made from little  turmeric , little saffron and little milk on naval.
Happy Parenting

AAJ KAA KHAS UPAYE : If you are getting distracted again and again , from your goal in life , Bhaiyaji advises  chant  “Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Shakti Rupyana Sanstita Namstasyaye Namstasyaye Namstasyaye Namo Namaha” for 15 to 30 minutes every day in front of Maata picture or idol and light a ghee (preferably cow) diya .