Mercury/Buddh – For Good Memory Health  And Luck

Normally we only pay attention to Shani and Rahu under the false misconceptions that these are the only planets that can cause us harm. In fact, you must not forget that every planets gives its equal number of positive and negative effects.

Your brain development is determined by Mercury.

Bhaiyaji says , if you want to do something different or something big in life, then along with fate, and your hard work, the most important thing to is make the right decisions at right time . The ability to take right decisions is given by planet called Budh /Mercury.

If Mercury Is Bad- Symptoms:

  • To make money stay with you, you’ll need to improve your Mercury, otherwise a bad Mercury will cause your money to get spent very quickly.Later you realize , but too late .
  • You may suffer from on and off  fever your whole life due to bad Mercury.
  • Your colleagues will not favor you , or will take advantage and in bad times get away from you.
  • Skin problems of any kind
  • Your throat will always be problematic
  • Your kids may be short in height
  • You may not get kids / easily
  • You may get a bad life partner, who’ll always fight with you.
  • Your business will never be able to flourish.
  • You’ll be ambitious, but will never be able to start a big business as you’ll squander your money. Such people should be in partnership with someone or do remedies for Mercury.
  • Such people change their line of work many times, despite being smart. “Grass is always greener in the other line of work” for you.
  • They stop disliking the new line of work despite doing it after a lot of research. They start thinking that the other line of work would’ve been better.
  • Such people’s money is blocked with other people and others even end up running away with their money.
  • They spend a lot of money on their business, which never comes back to them.
  • They’re always in debt , as they don’t spend money wisely.

If  Budh Is Good :

You can become a very good lawyer, astrologer or singer. Such people will always apply light good perfume / itra etc., and keep home also filled with good odor   .

You can be good in politics , maths , memory  speech .

Bhaiyaji , Gives Us General  Remedies For “Bad Budh Graha ” :

  • Wear a steel or iron ring in your small finger on Wednesday.
  • Let an empty (ghada) into water for 11 Wednesdays.
  • Gift silver nose ring to bua, daughter, or wife. If they allow, then also pay for their noses to be pierced.
  • Wear a yellow thread in your right hand on Wednesdays and throw it when it becomes dirty.
  • Do Durga Maa  And Ganesh ji Puja , upasana ,especially students , offer every day “Durba” to Ganapatiji , keep previous day or same day Durba with you while you leave home , Vignaharta will take care of all odds .

    Additional problems created by Mercury

  • Begetting children, or child won’t have a good brain and may not be good at maths, language, and physical exercise.
  • Child’s teeth may also not be good.
  • Such people won’t be able to smell properly.


  • Clean your teeth with fitkari , alum (this can be good  for the health of your teeth, and  as a remedy for Mercury).
  • Give food to ants and fishes.
  • Keep an iron ball with you.
  • Never take alcohol, meat, or eat full chilli peppers.

Mercury also causes problems with speech (vain dosh) – you aren’t able to say the appropriate thing at the appropriate time and it causes bigger problems as you’re unable to communicate your feelings well. People with Bad Budh / Mercury speak Very Bad Foul Language And Suffer One Day Very Badly .

To verify if you have these symptoms , please check on following:

. Ear Nose Throat Problems are related to Budh Graha

  • Your tongue starts to get caught between your teeth.
  • Getting blisters on the tongue.
  • You’ll get small ulcers in your mouth and tongue.
  • Your tongue starts to become white.
  • Singing becomes very difficult
  • Causes swelling in throat.
  • Causes thyroid problem.
  • Causes coughing.
  • Your voice becomes too heavy.
  • If you’re a singer, your voice becomes harsh.
  • Your voice will become very unpleasant for others to hear even if you’re not saying anything in anger.


  1. Give food to little girls or unmarried girls.
  2. If you give donation, then you must forget about it.
  3. Look at your face in oil, then ask God to take bad things out of you and then donate it.
  4. Every Wednesday, offer a copper coin in water.
  5. Take Brahmi.
  6. Eat Mattha (but not cold).
  7. Don’t ever keep a pet bird in cage. Buy and free them especially Parrots .
  8. Feed a goat some green grass on Wednesdays.
  9. Respect Wife / Patani , Beti/ Daughter , Behen/Sister  Bua/Aunt Fathers Sister,  Massi/ Mothers Sister
  10. Plant green trees , eat lot of green vegetables .

Bad Mercury causes the finger to go outwards and also bend towards the palm (notice the top tip of your finger):

You’ll start becoming lonely

Makes you ever-ready to fight.

Your expectations become so high that you start disliking others.

Towards old-age, it makes you lonely as people start going away from you.

Your head will start to hurt if you start using your brain.


Bhaiyaji advises you to visit , more than 1600 year old Budh Temple at Tiruvankadu , Kumbakonam district , Tamil Nadu , perform Archana , Abishekam , Lit 17 Diyas (available in temple), taking 17 parikramas of temple inside. You may see on Google typing this name.

Inside temple , (Chandra Teertham , Budhan Temple),pond  where people take holy dip and feed fishes .

Feed ants, cats, and fishes. You may also ,  please buy them make them  free time to time when ever possible .

Always go near water for a stroll.

Start becoming spiritual, it will make you study more and ask more questions. It will make your brain stronger, give you confidence, and will keep you away from bad things. It will make you closer to God and your bad planets will start improving.

Vishnu ji or Vishnu Awatars Ram ji Krishan ji Puja Upasana Daily Life Long . Cnanting following

Keep quiet as much as possible.

Om Ram Rahave Namah – mantra jaap

Feed a black cow and take care of it.

Always treat an older woman as a mother even if she’s just one year older than you.

Collect / Keep rain water or some milk on the roof of home .

Put desi khaand/honey in an earthen pot and bury it somewhere in a lonely place.

Take red dal (masoor) and bury it in cemetery for 11 Tuesdays.

Makhan + Mishri + Tulsi = makes the brain sharp, gives energy, improves immunity. Don’t give tulsi to children less than 5 years old.

Wear root for bush graha in green cloth , gives immense positive results , ( can be requested from our Delhi office)

Chant Budh Stotra Daily morning especially on Wednesdays , feed piogeons everyday with grains (satnaaja).


Meditate on the Mercury mantra for a faster effect. Sit with your back straight and try to pronounce the mantra , best in front of rising Surya :