signs-of-baldingReasons and Remedies for Early Hair fall.
 Does your hair keep falling a lot? Apart from genetic , the reason could be one of the following:
People who have too much acidity (Pitta problems) experience a lot of hair fall . Bhaiyaji tells us in this post about astrological reasons and some general remedies for hair fall especially before forty years .
*Stand in front of Sun for at least 10 minutes in such a way that the Sun’s rays also fall on your stomach.
*Do Gayatri mantra while standing.
Start having  Mulethi Tea or chew  Mulethi  few times a day.
 *Have some milk , sip by sip have some cold milk an hour or so after having your meal
*Have an apple without peel an hour after your meal.
*Keep doing remedies for Mars , as advised by Bhaiyaji in previous mails
*Start wearing copper , may be a challa .
Keep some red beads (given by Bhaiyaji) , unner your pillow
Shani & Jupiter cause a lot of heat in the body and can be a cause for hair fall
*Hence people who get angry quickly should massage their head with yoghurt before sleeping – this will make them calm  – this is not for people who have Kapha issues – it’s only for the ones who have Pitta issues .
*Too much Kapha (mucus in the body) if this is the cause of your hair fall  then, massage your head with coconut oil.
Wear “antml root” in a red thread around your neck .(this especial root  can be requested from our office thru mail or website on a nominal cost )
*For people who sweat a lot, start washing your hair couple of times in the day , only  with plain water is fine, this will make sure , there is no residue of sweat in the hair.
*Make sure you apply coconut oil. The more dry your skin, the more hair fall you’ll have.
*Dandruff is another reason for hair fall  Start applying coconut oil/almond oil  on  your head to avoid dandruff . Bhaiyaji suggests to make this oil more effective , keep coconut oil in a red color glass bottle or can be covered with red celofin paper , under sunlight on a wooden plate for 6 days regularly and , then add camphor in it and massage gentely on head , wash after two hours , will help a lot . Can be repeated twice a week.
 *Feed wheat flour to ants everyday.
General dietary recommendations to prevent hair fall:
*Stop eating bitter and very spicy food .
*Stop eating very salty or very sweet products .
*Refrain from anger.
*Wear a red thread in your right hand’s wrist .
*Start drinking water in a copper vessel.
*Stop eating junk and hotel food , have home cooked food .