All Business Owners and Entrepreneurs may be , don’t really give much thought to the design of their business card although they use it almost every day. To many people, a business card is just a little bit of cardboard, on which is printed their name, telephone number and other details about their company.

It’s also amazing how much money you are letting slip through your fingers if you are constantly handing out business cards that do not generate sales for you.

You see, many business cards are ineffective and do not generate business

With the Right Vastu placement, Your Business Will Stand A Better Chance to Succeed.

Don’t overlook the significance of your business card. It may be one of the smallest items you carry around with you; yet, if the design of your business card is inauspicious, then it can wreak havoc on the running of your entire operation.

So, how your business card should be Vastu wise?

Begin by using auspicious Vastu dimensions. At least one side of your business card should be less than 5.1 cm (2 in). This is because anything from 5.1 cm to 16.5 cm (6½ in) is inauspicious.

Besides that, you should always try to use harmonious color combinations that are auspicious as well. Avoid inauspicious color combinations such as black with red, black with orange, and black with yellow.

The fonts selected are in accordance with the industry and business you are in . The colors are selected as per the font. The placement of text and symbols are selected as per the users’ designation and responsibilities. The overall design is made as per the company ownership (best as per senior most member if partnership ) and location .

Lastly, aim for a well-balanced design for your card; since, Vastu is actually all about achieving balance and being in harmony with your surroundings.

Other than a good graphic design, you should also look into the energy vibration or Vastu aspect of your business card. Without good Vastu , your business will not be doing well either. The effect of Vastu Business Card is statistically proven to affect the well being of a business

Depending on your needs you can design a Vastu Business Card that can:

  • Generate more sales and income
  • Meet with more business opportunities
  • Expand your business faster
  • Get more high quality clients & customers
  • Develop more unique products and services
  • Loyalty from your employees
  • Improved cash flow
  • Strengthen your company or business reputation
  • Better business stability

Vastu Business Card should not be taken lightly. They have been painstakingly researched. Don’t underestimate its effects – it is amazing!

How to Get Vastu to Work for You Instead of Against You

When you business cards are not scientifically designed as per the laws of Vastu, you are fighting an uphill battle with the force and power of nature. And the chances of you winning are very slim. If you don’t change the Vastu of your business card, you will be exhausting all your energy fighting an invisible force. Fighting this insurmountable force will deplete all your productive energy that can be channeled into building a successful business. In this case, it is wise to have your business card follow the principles of Vastu to have the power turned around.


In this you have to make sure that how is your visiting card? If visiting card can be made according to vastu then your communication and business get progress. Before knowing more understand that how you coordinate your visiting card with vastu. Keep your visiting card in front of you, the upper side is east side, bottom is west, left is south and right is north.

Visiting card should be right angle. If it has odd angles then it disturbs the communication and may be it breaks.

It is important that what you have written in visiting card on all sides.

You can write your name on  top of the middle. Write mobile number on south-east side. Write your organization name and address on south-east side. Because it is the side of stability and generality.

You have to choose the color of visiting card according to birth chart. Trademark , logo ,monogram, swastika, Kalash and Ganesh Ishan side is considered as good.

To make good visiting card, keep middle place which is called as Brahma place should be empty. Beautiful visiting card gives you happiness and attractive personality.

These are general tips , best is to show your Birth Chart and then make visiting card accordingly .