Hari Om Sai Ram,


This post lists out some good and bad omens and what you can do to reduce the negative and increase the positive effects in such situations. It also includes a list of 11 things that one should do for a better future.

Good and bad omens and how to derive positive results:

  • If you find something along the road, at a public place, etc that does not belong to you and you do not know the rightful owner, you should never use it without doing daan of the same of higher amount otherwise Guru, Rahu and Surya will give negative results. This applies even if the item/s is/are very costly.
  • The presence of ants, especially red ants, in the house is not a good sign and you should put haldi to get rid of the ants.
  • You should never speak negatively about religion, God or your isht or you will attract negative results from Guru, Surya, Rahu and Shaniji in the long run.
  • If you observe that your nails are getting brittle, blackish/purplish in colour or overly shiny, you should get your hormone levels tested as it may be indicative of future health problems.
  • The prominent the arc like whitish area under your nails, the better it is. You should have walnut, do pranayam and sleep and wake up early to derive such benefits.
  • Seepage and spider webs in the house are extremely bad omens and indicate future health and financial problems. You should always clean the house regularly and a daily gayatri yagya for 11 or 21 days will help.
  • You should not keep broken on very big murtis of God in the house.
  • You should avoid sleeping in Godhuli kaal.
  • You should never wear or bring home other’s slippers, footwear, etc otherwise Rahu and Shaniji will give extremely negative results.
  • You should never make close friends with people who have a much higher or lower social/financial status as such a friendship would never materialize and will lead to jealousy and quarrels.



Below is a list of 11 important things that one should follow for a bright future and good luck. Please follow these things for 13 to 18 months religiously to get guaranteed positive results.


  1. Do puja of isht, parents and guru daily. Guru is governed by jupiter and moon and mother and father and mother are governed by Surya.
  2. Stay away from jealousy, bad mouthing others and plotting and planning against others. Being involved with these invites bad results from Rahuji and Shaniji either immediately or when their period comes in your life as per your chart. Unfortunately, the trend of these negative behaviours has increased in the recent past and people have started enjoying such things.
  3. Do not use bad language/vani i.e. stay away from vani dosh. Bad vani/language can spoil good Surya and Budh of your birth chart and on the contrary, good vani/language can help improve these planets in case they are weak in your birth chart.
  4. For overall growth and improvement in life, do Surya upasna early morning everyday. For at least thirty percent positive results in the long run you can do Surya puja at the time of sunset if you are unable to do Surya upasna in the morning. For positive results and changes in life you can do any of these – don’t consume salt on Sundays and rather daan to unknown needy, chant Gayatri mantra / Surya mantra / Aditya hridaya stortra, perform Gayatri yagya at home (to be done by family members only).
  1. Do ekadashi upvaas. In case you have many major problems, stay low profile.
  2. Do cow seva as much and whenever possible. This will give immense positive results.
  3. Light panch deepak every evening to minimise Chandrama dosh, mood swings, depression, etc. Water/milk/rice/silver daan, having lots of water, wearing silver, helping needy and taking up some social work will also help with these problems.
  4. Maintain cleanliness (Swachata) in and around home and office/shop, especially north and south west sides of the property for positive results. Cleanliness in surroundings and keeping the country clean will also be beneficial.
  5. Do seva (service) of animals, seva of pigeons, provide food/medicines for animals, do seva of old people, contribute to an orphanage and serve the country in any possible way like planting trees, etc.
  6. Do all 4 Navratri puja upasna with shddat (dedication) and do Pitra paksh puja and Mahashivratri puja for immense positive results.



Hari Om Sai Ram