1. There are Huge Storms all over India Expected till around May end 2019.
2. As earlier predicted From March 2019 Rahu Ji transit, Rahul Gandhi will have set back especially politically.
3. Mamata Banerjee will slip from the Major Position in West Bengal and lose around 20 seats.
4. Had earlier made prediction on the stock markets about the market reaching 40K. It has already crossed 39K and by this year end it may cross 42K , even 44k . Thereafter a Major Crash is expected.
5. As I have already predicted and mentioned many times in my earlier messages, Rafal deal will be a negative factor for Congress and Modi Governance will come out Clean .
6. An Appeal To All – You must vote for overall benefit and growth of Hindustan.
7.  Had predicted in my earlier messages many times, Modi ji will come back for sure with around 276 seats to 329 seats approximately .
8. Had predicted earlier that Article 370 and 35A will be abolished by October 2020.
9. By 2023 When Dhanu Rashi Sade Sati will get over, Kashmiri pandits will slowly start settling down in Srinagar.
10. From May 2019, there are chances that many chronic diseases may spread so please be careful.
11. From November 2018, Thackrey’s mercury (Budh) is weak and hence, he took a soft stand and joined BJP. Had predicted this last year.
12. Had mentioned in January and earlier too about Ram Janmabhoomi. Game changing stand will come very soon.
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