Regarded as the most auspicious planet, Jupiter enjoys the status of being the main significator of child, wealth and marriage. The planet imbues the quality of living a optimistic and healthy life in us. Jupiter will be transiting through the twelve Moon signs  in 2017 and this will play a major role as to how the said planets will fare in the year. The planet is labeled to have a benefic results on the sign and influence them in a positive way, but in some specific cases it can also create hassle and hurdles in one’s path to success. This phenomenon totally depends upon the position of Jupiter in one’s birth chart and on its placement and lordship. 
When a planet enters a Moon Sign, it causes a number of things to happen in your life. Similarly, when it leaves a particular sign, all the signs are affected. 

Let us understand , What does the Placement of Jupiter in Your Birth Chart Signify in General ?

Money is the one of the most important needs of an individual and Jupiter, the planet of abundance blesses one with it. Known as ‘the money planet’, it bestows upon the native all the good things in life. While analyzing wealth, money and other related aspects, a lot of importance is given to the placement of Jupiter in the horoscope and the house over which it rules. Those who are born under the Jupiter dasha are considered to be very lucky. If the native has a strong Jupiter in his/her horoscope, then that person will be in a financially blessed state.

Jupiter blesses one with prosperity, happiness and good fortune. It is seen as a positive planet which wants you to grow and flourish. Even in situations when it is a malefic, it tends to give mixed results. It has a lot of significance as per astrology because it highlights your capacity to earn and accumulate money. The house in which it is placed, the sign and the nakshatra are the other factors which determine in which area the person will benefit financially. For instance, if Jupiter is present in the third house, the native could gain wealth from writing, communication etc. This is the planet which governs power too. Bhaiyaji gives us a general glimpse of  some other facts of this planet of wealth ….

As per Vedic astrology, Jupiter aspects the fifth, seventh and the ninth house and will give abundance, freedom, broaden one’s horizon and facilitate growth.

Since Jupiter takes 12 years approximately to complete a full circle of 360 degrees, it stays in each Moon sign for about one year.

Jupiter’s two enemies are Venus and Mercury. If Jupiter is in the house of Mercury i.e. Gemini and Virgo and in the house of Venus i.e Libra and Taurus, it won’t give good results.

If Jupiter is present along with a friendly planet like Moon, it tends to give good results and will bestow one with wealth and good luck.

Want to know if you are blessed with a favorable placement of Jupiter in your personal birth chart? Please consult a learned astrologer who can correctly guide you 

Jupiter will be in Kanya / Virgo for most of the time in 2017, and will start retrograding fromMonday, 6th February till its progression / Maargi / Direct on Friday, 9th June. After this, the planet will then enter Libra on Tuesday, 12th September and will later become combust onThursday 12th of October till Thursday 9th of November

This little excursion of the Fortune bearing planet will have a major impact on all the twelve moon signs. Bhaiyaji tells us in General , as to what Guru Transit has in store for you and your loved ones in 2017.


The luck bearer planet, Jupiter rules the 9th house which symbolizes fame and fortune & 12th house which symbolizes expenses, bed comforts, and hospitals. The transit indicates legal disputes and challenges coming your way. You need to be cautious in matters related to law-order and property. Going for an extended foreign trip is on the cards for some. You might consider planning for a trip or an outing with family to ease the tension and come close to your loved ones. Due to your continuous efforts at work, you’ll get a hike in your salary, which will help ease out your financial crunch. Till September, Jupiter will be in the 6th house from your moon sign, due to which you’ll likely face a difficult time in your married life. Tiffs and arguments may arise and chances are that speech would bridge differences between you and your partner. Try to be as gentle and patient with them as possible.

 After September, Jupiter will transit into the 7th house from your moon sign, which would enable unmarried natives to get lucky and find the partner of their dreams. Your younger siblings will prosper in this duration and soar high to achieve new heights. There are high chances that your earnings will increase in this period.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva.


Jupiter governs your 8th house which symbolizes major transformation and longevity & 11th house which stands for income, gains and achievements. The transit looks fruitful for you, as Jupiter will be posited in the 5th house from your moon sign. The planet, Jupiter bears good luck and fortune for you. Your earnings will increase. Students will have a bright year. Good studies and great results are highly probable. This period might lure you towards religious deeds.

 After September,Guru will transit in your 6th house from the moon sign, which would result in you facing some health issues. Weight gain is a big probability. It’s advised that you take proper care of yourself. A balanced diet is required to keep yourself in shape. Regular exercises and brisk walking will curb your weight blues. Your seniors will keep an eye on you this year, so try as much as you can to be in their good books. Don’t get into any arguments with anyone, as your foes will try to tarnish your image.

General Remedy: Donate silver and clothes to pandits.


Jupiter, the optimistic planet governs your 7th house which symbolizes spouse and partnerships & 10th house which signifies profession and karma. Jupiter is situated in the 4th house from your moon sign, making your personal life amazing this year. The environment at home will be lively and harmonious. You’ll be ambushed by love from your loved ones this year. Due to your wise decisions at work you’ll succeed and will earn recognition. All your management and intellectual prowess will fetch you glory. Spending on sacred activities and visiting a religious place will garner your attention this year. In this duration you might also develop a liking towards philanthropic works and events. Doing and going for charity events might interest you. 

After September, the planet will move into the 5th house from your moon sign, which increases the chances of getting married to your beloved. This period will be very auspicious for you to tie the knot. Overall, the year brings in good name, fame and glory for you.

General Remedy: Helping Fakirs , pandits and sadhus will yield you great results in life.


The philosophical planet Jupiter, rules over your 9th and 6th houses, which signifies fame and fortune & struggle, enemies, and diseases, respectively. The Jupiter Transit predicts blissful times ahead in your marital life, due to the planet being in the 3rd house from your moon sign. You’ll gain full trust and support of your partner. Due to a more strengthened bond, you and your partner would spend most of the time together. Plan a weekend getaway with them to spruce things up a bit. Your spouse may receive monetary gains this year. Chances of you going for a pilgrimage this year are considerably high. Your continuous efforts at work will earn you multiple laurels; a promotion or a salary increase is likely. Financially you’ll be pretty strong this year. A small journey could interest you. Being naturally wise and practical, you’ll make rational decisions, which as the transit predicts, could backfire this year. Play along and try to loosen up your uptight mannerisms. www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

The period after September, Jupiter will move into the 4th house from your moon sign, which will bring back the lost harmony in your domestic life. Tiffs and arguments at home may increase and you’ll be able to control everyone’s temper and mood swings. This period will be very lucrative for you, as you’ll receive monetary gains and will likely get a hike in career.

General Remedy: Donate pulses to old needy .


The planet Jupiter is your 5th and 8th house lord, which signifies education, children & major transformation and longevity, respectively. According to Jupiter Transit, there will be a sacred ceremony at your home this year; a marriage, or childbirth appears likely. Spiritualism and religious activities will lure you. Due to Jupiter in your 2nd house from your moon sign, your charitable nature will dominate you, and you’ll donate as much as you can, which will give you much deserved respect in the society. Career will boom in this duration. You’ll get unexpected gains from multiple sources, which will strengthen your financial situation. 

The period after September will bring in good changes in your life, as the planet will move in the 3rd house from your moon sign. You’ll be stricter in your diet regime and would start taking your health seriously. Some over pending news would come your way. Marital life will be blissful , partner will be very supportive of you and might look up to you for their every mundane task. Unmarried masses, who’ve been thinking of getting married, might just get lucky this year. Domestic life will stay calm and harmonious. Siblings would be the source of happiness for you this year.

General Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga, and feed sweets and fruits to needy girls.


Jupiter is the 4th and 7th house lord in your horoscope, which symbolizes mother, vehicle, happiness & spouse and partnerships, particularly. The transit presages a great year for you, as Jupiter will be in your moon sign. Your intellectual prowess will help you earn monetary gains. You’ll make amazing decisions in this duration, which won’t only help you, but all the other people around you. Children will soar high and achieve their goals. Education requires your attention. Don’t be overconfident; lack of concentration could be the reason of your downfall. Love life will be tremendous. Spouse will have a great influence on your life and decisions. Learn to let go of things and look at the bigger picture at all times. Instead of dwelling on the past, this transit advises you to look out for the future. Socially, this year will make you happy and outgoing nature. Keep things light at home by making sure everyone’s mood is harmonious. Maintain a balance between work and fun. Plan a trip or an excursion to bring back the lost charm in life. 

The period after September will see you inclined towards learning spirituality and religion, as Jupiter will be in your 2nd house from your moon sign. The change that you’ve always wanted in your life and the stability that you’ve always needed will be achieved in this duration. Change of workplace is likely. Don’t bother with the little changes happening in your life in this period and you’ll be good to go. Keep a check on your temper.

General Remedy: Donate yellow clothes to Guru / fakirs / pandits.


The planet Jupiter rules over your 3rd and 6th house, which symbolises siblings, efforts, communication & struggle, enemies and diseases, respectively. The transit foretells expenses for you, as Jupiter is placed in 12th house from your moon sign. You’ll likely spend most of your income on health issues. Your well being will totally depend on your daily regime and the amount of effort you put in on staying in shape. Long term diseases will trouble you. Eat a balanced diet and incorporate as much greens as you can in it. Due to your careless attitude you’ll lose numerous opportunities coming your way. Procrastination will lead you nowhere. Think thoroughly before making any decision, as decisions made in haste can be potent of destructing your image. 

The period after September will be the harbinger of some good news in your life, as Jupiter will move in your moon sign. You’ll burn your lethargic habits and work on getting yourself back in shape. Jupiter in its worst signifies weight gain. Work on achieving your goals. Determination and perseverance will be the only 2 factors that’ll help you to get the best results.

General Remedy: Offer help and services to Guru and needy people.


Jupiter is in your 2nd and 5th house, which stands for wealth, immediate family, speech & education and children, in particular. Due to Jupiter placed in your 11th house, your education would be tremendously good this year and you’ll be able to sharpen your skills more. Your intellectual prowess will give you a upper hand when it comes to comparing you with others. You’ll be able to cash in monetary gains through your education in this period. This year you might also consider going on long journeys for educational purposes. New relationship would knock on the door of your life this year. You might find someone intriguing which can turn into a nice relationship later on. This period looks brilliant for love life. You’ll be cherishing your loved one more, which would make them happy. www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

The period after September indicates obstacles and hurdles in your life,as Jupiter will transit through your 12th house from your moon sign. Health might get problematic, chances of contracting a disease in this duration are alarmingly high. Education will have to suffer, as you’ll lack concentration and determination in this period. Your children’s health will be a major stress issue for you. You’ll receive success at work, which in turn would make many people turn their back on you to put on the enemies mask. Beware of people that exhaust you and drain the positivity out of your life.

General Remedy: Must help / daan / respect elderly people , recite Guru mantra daily morning .Put turmeric on navel forehead and tongue everyday morning .


The planet Jupiter lords over your Ascendant and 4th house, which signifies character, personality, longevity & mother, vehicle, happiness, respectively. The transit tells changes in your work position, as Jupiter is already posited in your 10th house. Chances of you getting a job promotion or a hike are high. Your efforts will be seen and respected by your colleagues and senior officials. In this period you’ll gain the love and respect of all near you, and would play a major role at being the decision maker. Decisive and charming nature of