Jupiter or Guru is considered to be a benefic planet in Vedic Astrology. Being the guru of Gods, it is also hailed as Devguru Brihaspati. It represents religion, knowledge, children and marriage. 


For about 13 months from  11th. October 2018 around 08:39 PM in the evening, Jupiter planet will transit in Scorpio and remain until 3:11 AM on Saturday, 30 March 2019. From 30th March till 22nd April will transit into Dhanu rashi , and then again be in scorpio , jupiter will get retro in vrishchik from , 10th April 2019 to 11 August 2019. Till 5th. November , will remain in scorpio , and same day 6.42 Am wil transit into its own Rashi Sagittarius .


The transit of Jupiter in Scorpio will also mark its impact on the country’s economy. During this period, there will be a decrease in agricultural production along with high-rise inflation in the month of November. Prices of gold, silver, jaggery, white garments etc. will increase. In addition, this phenomenon will bring many results for other zodiac signs.

Let’s know how will this transit affect Generally on all 12 Moon signs.



DevGuru Jupiter transiting in Scorpio doesn’t seems to be much favorable for natives of Aries sign.For Aries natives, during this phase of Jupiter in Scorpio, the lord of the 9th house and the 12th house, Jupiter, will move in the 8th house.You may go on a pilgrimage.There will be a good development for your younger brother-in-law or sister-in-law. You may organize religious ceremonies at home.You will learn the secrets of financial abundance, this transit points to investments, taxes, inheritance planning and couple or family finances. You will be able to organize funding for a new business venture, or realize an asset you invested in has grown in value. Some of you may also go for unlocking equity, or taking advantage of wealth you have worked hard to create. If you are in debt, Jupiter will motivate you to take on a debt reduction challenge and power through a repayment plan. In Vedic Astrology, eighth house represents age, humiliation and sorrow.Bhagya Bhang Yog will form, Destiny wont help much for coming almost 13 months. With Jupiter posited in the eighth house, Aries natives might have to face financial troubles. Arians may feel , works are getting delayed , you may not be able to express your views to others .People working inder someone in jobs etc. may feel pressure .Many people may think of leaving jobs and start a business. Take care of fathers health .Take care of expenses.During this period, your income will be less, expenses will be more and there will be a constant fear of debt hovering above you. From health point of view, this transit may not be effective. There are chances of you becoming ill. Guru in eighth house represents troubles in family life as well, which means issues within the family. Positive aspect , many of you may help other people in trouble .
General Remedy: Apply kesar tilak on your forehead everyday.Help people heartily,Gaye Guru mandir sewa. Plant banana and peepalji trees 

Jupiter, the lord of the 8th house (Labhesh/Ashtamesh), will move into your 7th house in this Jupiter in Scorpio. You may get involved in property related matters . You may also get a chance to visit a foreign country. You will benefit from your friends. You will make monetary gains in your professional life. DevGuru known  to be the representative of religion, knowledge, children and marriage,  In the birth chart, seventh house represents life partner, marital life, business and respect. Guru positioning itself in seventh house seems beneficial for Taurus natives. After all the hassle and hard work, you will attain success by the grace of Jupiter in this period. This time is also going to be better for financial matters. There will be a tremendous chances of money gains during this time. New insights and out of the box experiences in your most important relationships may happen. The secret to your success for this cycle will be teamwork and partnership. You will be with a significant other, at work or in your personal life, and it can lead to more happiness and satisfaction than you could create working solo. You will come to know more about what you really want from a partner and in a relationship. You may also take a leap of faith in a love relationship as Jupiter encourages that. You may progress in relationships as you will be ready to take the next step with someone special. Singles,It will be a great cycle for meeting someone new.Destiny will also favor you in this period and you will grow. In this time period, you can also go on a pilgrimage. Beware of calculative mind or will have reverse effects.Take care of health .
General Remedy: Donate turmeric (haldi) and Chana Dal to a Brahmin on Thursday.Vishnu temple daan also will help. Plant trees peepalji and fruit bearing tree.

Jupiter is the Lord of your 7th and the 10th house and it will move into your 6th house.Jupiter will transit from your zodiac sign to the sixth house in your kundli. In astrology, sixth house represents trouble, enemy, debt, sorrow, competition etc. Married life may get disturbed , for some depending on own birth chart ,may have major problems.Newly married couples to take care , if possible delay marriage for a year . This house usually indicates the sufferings, therefore the transit of Jupiter appears to be unfavorable. Promotions possible may get hindrance . Gemini natives may suffer from diseases or any illness. In this period, opponents and enemies can also cause troubles for you, which is why you may fear them. Differences may arise between members in the family, so be patient. Being in the sixth house, your economic situation may worsen a little. Expenditures are likely to be high during this time, so maintain a budget. New jobs possible , but one may not do job with heart ,may feel suffocated .Expenditures possible in court cases , health etc.. Many people may indulge in excessively taking  under table money .Increase in Laziness possible , and many may feel to take free of cost things (mufatkhori). Family responsibilities may get avoided .Over all not a gootrasit for Gemini natives .

General Remedy: Feed satvik food to a Brahmin and needy people .Plant trees / nourish plants bearing fruits


For Cancer natives, Jupiter is the Lord of the 6th and the 9th house. So, during Jupiter in Scorpio, this planet will move through your 5th house .Fifth house in a horoscope represents first child, happiness, social life, past karma etc. Jupiter being in fifth house can prove to be beneficial for you. There is a strong possibility of acquiring land and buying a new vehicle within this period, so you can buy a land and a new vehicle. Natives who are gaining higher education can attain great success. Those who are unmarried might get married during this period. During this time period of Jupiter’s transit, you will establish relationships with dignitaries of the society and due to this, you will be benefited.
General Remedy:Fast on Thursday , offer yellow food like yellow rice or sweet to needy.

During Jupiter in Scorpio,  Lord of the 5th and 8th house for Leo natives, this transit will move in your 4th house.Fourth house is for vehicle, real estate, mother and comfort. Jupiter in fourth house doesn’t seem to be more favorable for Leo natives. There might be unnecessary tensions and hassles during this period. Due to increasing expenditure, your economic status may get weaker. Hence, keep your expenses in control. There is also a possibility of money loss. During this time, drive carefully as there are chances of you meeting with an accident, getting hurt or injured. Hence, be careful.Name fame will increase , money will be spent for positive things giving benefits.Pilgrimigis are on the cards for many .Take care of fat increase , over all generally health will be good .Sthan pariwartan possible , change of place , residence , job etc possible , giving positive results.Over all a good positive transit.
General Remedy:Worship your ancestors and forefathers and donate something for them occasionally.

For Virgo natives, Jupiter (Guru) is the Lord of your 4th and the 7th house in accordance with Jupiter in Scorpio. This transit will pass through your 3rd house.In the horoscope, third house represents brothers, sisters, long distance travel, neighbours, relatives and writing etc. Jupiter in third house doesn’t seem to be more favorable for Virgo natives. During this time, income will decrease and big expenses will come into light all of a sudden. Hence, try to balance out your financial life. There are chances of you suffering from physical pain during this time, so take care of yourself. Tension can increase in family life, so be patient. Self confidence will increase tremendously.You will think about others benefits also, may give protection to others in need.even bigger problems will seem to smaller and will be tackled easily.If in birth chart you have Jupiter nicely placed , then very positive marital status will prevail. Some of you may take a you turn in your working career , positively.

General Remedy: Offer water to Peepal tree on Thursday.

Jupiter is the Lord of your 3rd and the 6th house and it will move into your 2nd house as per Jupiter in Scorpio.Normally Guru is Markesh for Tula rashi people. Dual mindset. In a birth chart, second house stands for wealth, property, family and elementary education. Jupiter posited in second house will prove to be very auspicious for Libra natives. In this period, you might go on long distance trips which will prove to be beneficial for you. This transit may not benefit you .Must take care of health. Rog and shatru , money be wasted . Karz / loan taking and giving may get difficult , some may buy vehicle on loans.Take utmost care of Father , especially till March 2019. Take care of extra marital affairs , many may fall in trap.Your interest towards religious activities will rise during this period and you will spend money on auspicious items and activities. With the influence of Jupiter, you will meet respected people of the society and you’ll be benefited because of them.Decision power , Vani will be good.
General Remedy: Donate yellow-colored clothes, bananas and turmeric on Thursday.

Devguru Jupiter is transiting in your Moon sign and will be  in your first house. In Astrology, first house is also called Ascendant or Lagna.
Jupiter is the Lord of the 2nd and the 5th house for Scorpio natives and it will transit in your 1st house as is seen in Jupiter in Scorpio. This house gives an idea about a native’s personality, age, achievement and respect. It is considered auspicious for Jupiter to be in the first house. Although, Guru posited here results in struggles and efforts but offers auspicious results after hard work. In this period of Jupiter transit, Scorpio natives will garner fruitful results with their hard work. Aspiring parents may get baby in life .There will be improvement in