The retrogradation of Jupiter is here. Today , on the 6th of February, 2017 at 12:12 pm and then, would gradually become progressive on the 9th of June, 2017 at 19:40

Jupiter, or the King of Navagrahas, is considered to be the most powerful and influential planet amongst the nine. It represents auspiciousness, honesty, justice, positive qualities and happiness. It is the karaka of second, fifth, ninth, tenth and eleventh house. As per Bhaiyaji, people who have Jupiter in a dominating position in their chart usually gain weight and suffer from common ailments such as cough. They also have heavy vocal weight, brown eyes and brown hair. It is natural for a person having Jupiter-ruled horoscope to develop interest in spirituality, religious practices, astrology,philosophy and scholarly endeavors.

Jupiter is known to be the ruling planet of Puravasa, Vishakha and Purvabhadra nakshatra and aspects fifth, seventh and ninth house of a chart. Favorable outcomes can be expected from the houses that are aspected by this planet while, the position of Jupiter in a particular house might not prove to be gainful. This planet is known to be advantageous for the signs Sagittarius and Pisces and unpropitious for the signs Virgo and Gemini.  www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

The planet Jupiter usually remains in retrograde motion for approximately 4 months in a year. After moving in a retrograde motion for about 120 days, Jupiter then becomes directional for another 4 months and finally sets after 4.25 months. Jupiter stays put in a sign for a time period of about 1 year and takes 13 years to finish the complete zodiaccycle. www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

Effects of Jupiter in Retrograde motion

Normally, Jupiter provides one with intellect, wit and exuberance , knowledge. Jupiter in a retrograde motion is quite close to bringing mystical power and strength under ones’ thumb. Those who have a retrograde Jupiter in their horoscope develop a knack for accomplishing the impossible. Their drive to work it off makes them achieve unlimited fame and boundless respect. Retrograde Jupiter in the fourth house of a chart gives a boost to the morale of an individual and transforms him into a visionary. www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

This transit will make effect on family , elders , students , hence it is necessary to do some  remedies . Bhaiyaji tells us in General about this transit on our Bharat Desh , political circle will see very unexpected election results , exit polls etc may not be able to give correct results , coming days will see rain in few places which will bring whether change , education related policies may see opposition / hurdles , finance  related matters may see some problems , people also may face such problems and aakrosh / agony may increase  .foreign relations may detoriarate  , elders health may be concern please take care of elders at home , children may find difficult to concentrate ,exam time also nearing , children please take care and do sone remedies ,family kalaha / fights may increase especially those whose Guru in birth chart are bad , susti / laziness  , not getting in to working mood , such things may increase , take care of heart , head ,  liver fever abdomen related problems , take immediate medical attention . married people to be careful of misunderstandings , especially those whose Mangal and Jupiter are not good in birth charts . please get it checked by some learned astrologer . Socially not too good time , people may talk bad language and bad activities , which a cultured person may not like at all . www.vedicastrologysolutions.com .Little Positive / Good thing is that currently Mangal and Shaniji placements in gochar will try to pacify things , but definitely some bad and good effects will be seen over all . All people especially those whose Markesh dash is going on or Mars Saturn not good position in birth chart , should drive very carefully,Very Important www.vedicastrologysolutions.com Cereals and daily commodities prices may increase , possibly crop in certain pets of our country will get spoiled till july ,    

The planet Jupiter will become retrograde in the sign Virgo today, 6th of February, 2017 at 12:12 and then, will become progressive in the same sign on the 9th of June, 2017 at 19:40. The planet is expected to remain in this retrogression motion for a total of 124 days.Bhaiyaji tells us Generally how this retrograde motion of Jupiter in the moon sign Kanya / Virgo will affect all moon signs .


Jupiter will remain positioned in your sixth house during the period of retrogression and thereafter progression. You would work extremely hard which would reap good results and success would follow. Your health would improve tremendously during this period. Though, you might move towards gradual obesity. Hence, watch out , Some legal issues might get seem to have gotten stuck for some time but they would eventually bring favorable results. Aspirants of higher studies might get a reason to rejoice during this period as luck would favour them. You might take a significant decision pertaining to your birth place. Your love relation would also improve in this duration. You would succeed in finding new avenues for increasing your income which would be beneficial for you in the near future. This period would prove to be the best for your father.

GENERAL REMEDY- Put turmeric in the water before taking bath with it . Have gur and sonf before leaving home for any work daily , jaap of vishnu ji mantra daily . Keep nose clean .


Jupiter will remain posted in your fifth house during the period of retrogression and thereafter progression.Significant improvements in education are indicated for the Taureans in this period. Sudden gains are likely too. An increase in your income is predicted but it may require extreme efforts and hard work. You would feel inclined towards gaining education and knowledge. You would be highly interested in preaching during this period. Your personal relationships might convert into long lasting commitments. Do not indulge in creating hype of petty things as that might result in problematic situations in family and friends. Your children would benefit during this period. Students under this sign would be able to achieve their academic goals. You would be able to receive benefits from your elder siblings. Your seniors at work would favour you in all your strifes. Your inclination towards spirituality would increase in this period.Take care of head , eyes , stomach . Take care of elders health . 

GENERAL REMEDY- Hold seven mustard seeds in your right hand. Rotate them around your head seven times in anti clockwise motion and throw them away.Do not have banana rather do daan , Vishnu Narayan jaap .


Jupiter will stay put in your fourth house during the period of retrogression and thereafter progression. Improvements in your marital life are foreseen. You might plan a pilgrimage during this period. This period might prove to be a gainful period for business partnerships and professional associations. You would perform fantastically at work place which would lead to improved results. Your domestic life would improve and would gain harmony in this duration. Love and strength would manifold in your familial relationships during this period. Your spouse would do well in their professional endeavours. Your relationships with in-laws would improve. Also, your health is expected to improve as well. An auspicious event might take place at home during this period.Take care of hips , neck .Keep your confidence and move forward . 

GENERAL REMEDY- Apply Kesar Tilak on the following parts using your ring finger in the following order: first on naval, then on throat then on both the earlobes, then on your forehead and then on your tongue.In yellow cloth make potali in which put haldi channa rice and daan to needy for at least five  Thursdays. 



Jupiter will remain positioned in your third house during this period of Jupiter retrogression and thereafter progression. Your luck will be in your favour throughout. You might plan a pilgrimage too. You would find solace in religious acts. Improvement in marital bond are also indicated in this duration. You might turn a wee bit lethargic and sluggish. take care of blood ,head , eyes , stomach  , throat .take care of elders at home .Family , Children may give you some problematic thought .Suddenly money loss possible . An increase in your income is indicated in this duration. You would gain respect and recognition in society. Professional and monetary gains are likely during this period. Your father might gain in his professional endeavours. You would gain from your siblings. Your relationships with your siblings would improve too. Your competitors and opponents would try to dominate you in this period. Success will only follow if hard work is done while avoiding a sluggish behaviour. You might plan a small trip during this period.Dont loose confidence .

GENERAL REMEDY- Worship Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi and offer yellow sandalwood, yellow flowers and pure ghee to them.Daan of jaggary , avoid wearing yellow especially on Thursdays. 


Jupiter will remain posited in your second house during the period of retrogression and thereafter progression. You would develop a knack for accumulating wealth. Exceptional gains in the professional arena are indicated during this period. You might gain inheritance of an ancestral property. A sacred ceremony, childbirth or a wedding is predicted to take place in the family. Avenues for gains from the in-laws would open up during this period. Good academic results for students are predicted. Your children would progress too. Though, your health might suffer.Contol your anger , Take care of health especially below navel .  Avoid sweets in this duration. Health of your children would improve. You might consider repaying an old loan. Happiness will prevail in your domestic life. Those associated with education or finances would gain tremendously during this period.

GENERAL REMEDY- Worship Lord Ram regularly.Offer Jal to Surya . Help poor children with books , Guru jaap must daily with haldi or kamalgata maala . 


Jupiter will remain put in your ascendant house during this period of Jupiter retrogression and thereafter progression, Your relation with your spouse would improve significantly. You both would be supportive of each other through thick and thin. Though chances of petty tiffs occurring in your marital relation are also high. Your expenses might increase slightly during this period. You might spend on a legal issue that has been stuck for a while now. Your intellect would improve too. Your inclination towards spirituality would increase in this duration. You might indulge in religious activities. Take care of stomach and blood related problems , due to this your work also may suffer . Old loans / court cases may move towards your positive side .Health of your mother would improve during this period. Try to hold any big decisions pertaining to your professional partnership. You might plan a trip to a foreign land in this duration. You would have to work harder to achieve your professional goals.

GENERAL REMEDY- Make a donation of Salt to a needy person on Thursdays.Plant banana five trees on any amavasya especially if falling on Thursday , offer banana outside temple to needy , you do not eat .  


Jupiter will remain placed in your twelfth house during this period of Jupiter retrogression and thereafter progression. Your expenses would increase during this period. Also, your sources of income might increase in this duration. Chances of you encountering more than one source of income to increase your profits is high. You might take loan for personal expenditure as well. Your competitors and opponents would have an upper hand on you during this period. Your health might decline hence, pay close attention to what you eat during this period.Take care of cold cough , anxiety . Halt any plans of initiating a court case during this period as it might not turn out as per your expectation. You would spend on religious activities and spiritual endeavours. Your siblings would benefit during this transit period. Avenues for increased income from foreign sources would open.

GENERAL REMEDY- Offer a potato to a Banana tree or in a Vishnu temple.Wear gold / petal chala in index finger , Guru  offer some gift , maali or temple priest children give some gifts , sweets till june end . 


Jupiter will remain posited in your eleventh house during the period of retrogression and thereafter progression. You can expect professional gains through applying your quick wit and intellect. Professional gains would increase during this period. Your domestic life would gain harmony and synchronization. Abstain from tiffs with seniors. Try to focus on your work and achieving your professional goals rather than indulging in unnecessary arguments. You would have an upper hand over your competitors and foes during this period. Your income