Jupiter will direct in Leo on May 9, 2016. This planetary movement will bring changes to your life. Read this Moon sign rashi wise horoscope by our Bhaiyaji  and discover the changes.

On May 9, 2016, Jupiter will direct in Leo. If you are going through Antar Dasha or Pratyantar Dasha of Jupiter, you will experience major changes.

Fifth house signify many incidents such as children, romance, Mantra , homage to Guru (mentor) etc. Jupiter’s love is divine and so are his blessings. Beliefs say that Jupiter harms the house where it resides and brings prosperity where it aspects. However, Saturn brings profits for the house where it resides, but cause harm where it aspects. This transit will help you understand your love life in the best way. You will come to know who among you two is more loving. People who are dependant on music or arts for livelihood, extreme auspiciousness is expected for them. Don’t stress yourself thinking that others are surpassing you or your hard work is not getting acknowledged. This year, most of you will get someone who will hold your hand and will take you forward. Being hopeful helps.


Taking out time for our loved ones in this hectic life is an art in itself. Busy life of cities allows family members and relatives to greet each other only during weekends. Affection and harmony remains lack in them. You might get ancestral property this year.When someone supports at crucial times, it is a very relief giving moment. Either you will get new home or will get your existing home renovated. Keep your efforts on, as Jupiter gives more than one can imagine. Jupiter will transit in the Nakshatra (constellation) of Venus as well. Inspite of home, you might get a new vehicle also.


Working throughout day and night brings tiredness. Third house represents your speaking ability, courage, brother, and communication. The tendency to gain knowledge is imbibed in you by birth. You try to collect information about every subject. This leads to ego as well. You should go for any short term course. Studies left in between should be completed. Considering yourself scholar with little knowledge is not good. Keep on giving efforts. People will stand by you. You have a jolly nature and your this talent is loved by all. This trait of yours will enhance. Your good behavior will bring goodness in your relations. People who get daily wages will see rise in their income. You will make new friends, relations and will touch pillars of knowledge.


Jupiter will occupy your second house, also known as wealth house. If you have any disease and Jupiter transits from the house associated with that disease, condition may worsen. This house signifies wealth as well. If we have wealth and profit, we have everything. Finances will increase and you might get multiple sources of income. Your cordial relations with people might open path for money to come. Make sure you know how and where to spend money. As Jupiter is going to approach your wealth house after 12 years, make the best of this time. Don’t turn your bank account empty by fulfilling needs of family members. It is human tendency to spend money when it comes, but be careful. Make as much donation as you can this month and serve senior people with all you can.


Natives with Jupiter in ascendant cannot be conquered by anyone. Works of such natives get accomplished anyhow. In ascendant, Jupiter aspects children, husband-wife, luck and everything. However, it will not bring goodness only. While occupying your ascendant, Jupiter will increase your ego. Keep an eye on your weight and avoid oily and spicy food. It’s fine to relish such food in parties, but cut it down from your routine. Also, it is necessary to maintain eating habits with increase in age. Connect with spirituality and practice Pranayama . You are going to do a lot of social service. You will remain joyful and divine protection will safeguard you.


Dimensions of twelfth house are known for Venus as well as Jupiter. In the birth chart of Kaal Purush, Pisces resides here which is also known as significator of Moksha (salvation). Its lord is Jupiter and it is a watery sign. Many times this house gives spirituality, renunciation, Moksha (salvation), worry, and disappointment. You should think about yourself in the coming time. Try to think about the almighty and ways to free yourslf from the shackles of bondages. You can get answers to your many questions. A number of your fears and illusions will vanish by doing so. Light of truth can illuminate your life. All you need is to analyze things closely.


Just like money, friends are also an essential part of our life. There comes time in life when we are all shattered & alone and only friends are our support then. God himself cannot come to help us and thus, he sends friends( NOT MANY ARE POSITIVE FRIENDS IN TODAYS TIMES ) to support us. However, whether our friends will help or put us in trouble, depends on the deeds of our previous birth. For this reason only, our elders say “as you sow, so shall you reap”. You will get some friends who will be at your side throughout your life. Connect with people, socialize, tweet, date someone, join organizations, as all this will do wonders. Whether you are a man or woman, it does not creates any difference. Friends are friends irrespective of age and gender. You can undertake new endeavors. Don’t worry about money, it will come definitely. New beginnings, progress, and fame all are awaiting you. Go out and begin your journey.


During this time, you will get the honor and respect, which you deserve and were not getting at workfront. Your quest of knowing why you lack behind and other move ahead will end now. This is the time when you will surpass them. Your energy will increase and will go beyond others, Your seniors and authorities will respect you and will be inclined toward you. If you were not able to work properly or concentrate, try again and give it a new start. Promotion is possible. People will listen and give importance to your ideas. Overall, this is your golden period in every way. Students will get a major achievement.


In the ninth house of Kaal Purush, Sagittarius is posited. Its lord, Jupiter is himself a spiritual teacher. You will get a chance to awake your inner soul. Don’t ruin this opportunity or let it go. You will experience long journeys, promotion, luck favoring you and other such things. However, make sure not to affect your inclination toward religion. Doing so will give nothing more than useless things.


Eight house is considered as the most malefic house. However, noble people ward of all the negativity even from the unfavorable environment and spread their good qualities. As Jupiter is the most auspicious planet, you need not worry because no one can harm you. Not only outer enemies, but close enemies might also harm. Sexual desires, greed, getting involved with multiple men/women etc. are the real enemies of humans. Planets will help only upto a limit, your own efforts are also necessary to live a good life. Before doing anything, ask yourself what would have been your reaction if your partner had done the same thing. Doing so will save you from going on the wrong track. Natives belonging to research, crime, and deep thoughts will get extreme success. However, if you are looking for shortcuts to make money and visiting Tantriks for it, refrain from such things. Good news will come to you if there are matters of ancestral property. If not this, you will get good news in matters of any policy, fund or shares.


Jupiter is considered as the significator of marriage for females, whereas Venus represents marriage in males. Seventh house not only signifies marriage, but business partnerships and foreign tours are also represented by it for some natives. Whether it is partnership, tour or anything, we have to meet others, talk to them and influence them for our works. The tendency to work is also considered from this house. These days, newspapers are full of news related to domestic issues and wrong usage of laws made for women. As Jupiter is coming in seventh house, families which are on the edge of breaking, will now get safe. Either you or your spouse will develop god intellect and both of you will move toward a prosperous life, keeping aside your ego and anger. However, couples who have decided to move on with someone else will get separated from their current partner very peacefully. Businessmen might get new business partners. Relation with olds ones will strengthen more. Your relation with your customers will develop even more. Time is yours.


Compromising with health due to workload is not a good thing. Getting up early and walking on grass can do wonders for your health. If possible buy a treadmill. Sixth house represents daily life. If you are fed up from your current job, update your resume. You will get job of your preference. You can keep good relations with all by putting in some efforts. Any disease or health issue is possible, it would be good to go for a complete body check up. You will take care of your teeth. Whatever you will do, you will do it passionately and will enjoy it. Time is good, if you are going through unfavorable phase, this transit will prove to be a boon.



हरी ॐ ,

मई 9, 2016 को बृहस्पति सिंह में उदय होंगे। गुरु, शनि , राहु – केतु के राशि परिवर्तन ज्योतिष जगत में बहुत महत्त्वपूर्ण मानें गए हैं। सिंह राशि एक राजसी राशि है और इसके स्वामी सूर्य , बृहस्पति के बड़े अच्छे मित्र हैं। अगर आपकी गुरु की अन्तर्दशा या प्रत्यंतर दशा चल रही है तो आपको इसके प्रभावों की अनुभूति अधिक होगी। तो आइये भैयाजी से जानते हैं कि यह गोचर किसके लिए हिट होने वाला है और किसके लिए फ़्लॉप:


पंचम भाव बहुत सारी घटनाओं को इंगित करता है, संतान, रोमांस, मन्त्र-साधना, गुरु-दीक्षा, आध्यात्मिक उन्नति आदि मगर आज के बढ़ते हुए भौतिकतावादी समाज में गुरु के लिए सम्मान और जगह कम होती जा रही है। गुरु प्यार भी देगा तो आदर्शवादिता से ओतप्रोत, न की शुक्र जैसा काम वासना प्रधान शारीरक आकर्षण। गुरु और शनि के बारे में ऐसा कहा जाता है कि गुरु जिस भाव में जाता है उसकी हानि करता है और उसकी दृष्टि जहाँ जाती है वहा प्रगति होती है। शनि जिस भाव में होता है उसका तो लाभ करता है किन्तु उसकी दृष्टि जहाँ तक जाती है वहाँ तक हानि ही होती है। आपके लिए यह गोचर एक तैयारी है, आने वाले प्रेम संबंधों की तह को जानने पहचानने की क्योंकि अब आपको एहसास होगा कि कौन किसको कितना चाहता है। आप अपनी प्रेमिका को या वह आपको। जो भी लोग संगीत कला या किसी भी हुनर द्वारा अपना जीविकोपार्जन करते हैं उनके लिए यह बड़ा ही शुभ सन्देश सिद्ध होने वाला है। मनुष्य को सदैव अपना दिल बड़ा रखना चाहिए, लोग आपसे आगे निकल जा रहे हैं या आप सोचते हैं कि आपकी मेहनत को उतनी तवज्जो नहीं दी जा रही तो भी उत्तेजित या निराश होने की कोई ज़रुरत नहीं है। इस वर्ष आपमें से बहुतों को उनका हाथ पकड़ कर आगे ले वाला कोई मिल सकता है। सदा आशान्वित रहना चाहिए।


आज की भागदौड़ भरी भेड़चाल वाली दुनिया में अपनों के लिए समय निकाल पाना अपने आप में एक कला है। शहरों में आज भी संयुक्त परिवार मौजूद हैं जहाँ एक ही घर में 10-15 लोग रहते हैं मगर वे भी सिर्फ सप्ताहांत में ही एक दूर के हाल चाल जान पाते हैं। आपसी प्यार और सामंजस्य भी उनमें बहुत ही कम रहता है। यहाँ गुरु के आने से सदस्यों में थोड़ी आपसी सूझबूझ समझदारी तालमेल तो बढ़ेगा ही, घर के बड़ो के लिए सम्मान भी आएगा। बहुत बार माता पिता संपत्ति उसी संतान को देते हैं जिसे वे सबसे ज़्यादा सेवी समझते हैं। आपके लिए यह वर्ष इस सन्दर्भ में भी ख़ुशी ला सकता है। ज़रूरी नहीं है कि कोई आपके नाम सारी जायदाद ही लिख देगा, ज़रुरत हो तो कुटुंब का कोई समय पर आकर खड़ा हो जाए। वह कृत्य ही मन को बहुत सम्बल प्रदान करने