Jupiter Transit 2016 Vedic Astrology Solutions , General Predictions

From August 11, 2016 Jupiter transit will take place in Virgo and will remain here till September 12, 2017. Bhaiyaji tells us , how this transit will affect Generally your zodiac Moon sign .

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Jupiter transit in 2016 will take place in your sixth house. Jupiter will remain in the zodiac sign of third house lord and sixth house Lord, which is Mercury. Therefore, in this process of transition, you will gain power to compete with your opponents. However, you have to stay away from all kind of disputes but in case you still face some; there is nothing to worry. Jupiter Transit 2016 predicts that this time will be very beneficial for Arians. Natives who are involved in business especially the ones who are doing job; this time is helpful. Fruitful results will be obtained in foregin related work. Jupiter Transit 2016 will prove to be beneficial in financial terms as well as in family matters.

Ratings: 4/5

Remedies: Donate clothes and silver to Pandits to fetch the best.


Jupiter transit 2016 will take place in fifth house. It will remain in the zodiac sign of your lord of second and fifth house. Therefore, the possibility of getting favourable results is powerful. The matters related with children and education will be positive which will lead harmony and prosperity. According to Jupiter Transit 2016, you will be earning good money by doing hard work. Since, Jupiter is also the lord of eighth house of your kundali, you may face some difficulties. Aspect of eight house lord on first house might result in health issues. Especially issues related with stomach and foot, but not at higher level.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Remedies: Helping Pandits and Sadhus will be beneficial.


Jupiter Transit 2016 will take place in fourth house, which is related to karma and property. Therefore, you will gain profits on professional front. As per Jupiter Transit 2016, hard Work will pay good results. Possibilities of getting promotions are also there this Jupiter transit in 2016. If you are planning to change your job or want to invest in your business, this time is perfect. You may get a chance to make official bonds with people who are on higher levels. Also, enhancement in your reputation will be observed. Jupiter Transit 2016 will give you the opportunity to move into a new house, or to purchase a new car. You might contribute in the foundation of a sacred place.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Remedies: Donate pulses in temple with pure mind.


In 2016, Jupiter transit will take place in third house. Jupiter is the lord of your sixth and ninth house. Therefore, you will feel a new confidence entering your soul. Be careful and do not let overconfidence create quarrel with neighbours or brothers. Though travelling will be helpful for work but take care of your health as well. Friends, brothers and colleagues will be there for you whenever you need them. Bachelor’s might get married and the married ones will have peaceful life. Opportunities to get benefits are expected to be more this year as indicated by Jupiter transit 2016.

Ratings: 4/5

Remedies: Worship Goddess Durga, donate sweets and fruits to girls.


Jupiter Transit is going to occur in second house in the year 2016. The planet Jupiter, being the lord of your fifth & eight house will prove to be helpful in economical matters. You will be able to save money. If you have lend money or it got stuck somewhere, then you will get it back now. You will spend money for betterment of your family. Some auspicious event can take place in your life this year. Maybe a child will enter your life and make your life more beautiful. As per Jupiter Transit 2016, all love birds will cherish good time together. Jupiter suggests you to be alert while driving.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Remedies: Donate yellow clothes to Pandits.


This year, Jupiter Transit will take place in first house. Since, Jupiter is the lord of your fourth and seventh house, it will give you peaceful mind. Due to some important decisions, you will be able to improve the environment of your family. Jupiter Transit 2016 predicts that wedding bells are most likely to ring. Jupiter transition 2016 is coming with blissful life for lovers. An auspicious event is likely to happen in your family. If we talk about your professional life, you may get promotion.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Remedies: Offer help and services to cows and poor people.


Transit of Jupiter (the lord of your third and sixth house) 2016 will take place in twelfth house. This time, the transition is not that much favourable for you because of which lack of self confidence will be seen in you. People may trouble you intentionally. You might travel a lot this year. Long distance journey will not be much useful. Maintain good relationship with your neighbours. Avoiding useless expenditure will lead harmony in your life as suggested by Jupiter Transit 2016.

Ratings: 3/5

Remedies: Offer help to saints and mentors, it will make your luck strong.


Jupiter Transit 2016, that will going to take place in eleventh house of your kundali. Jupiter is the lord of second and fifth house. Therefore, financially this transit is full of positivity. In this Transition of Jupiter you may find some new source to earn money. If the natives of Scorpio, are planning to go for further studies or to have better future for your children, you will get success. You might feel a little philosophical this year. You might get married this year or any other auspicious event may take place.

Ratings: 5/5

Remedies: You are advised to pour water on peepal tree daily.


In 2016, Jupiter transit 2016 will occur in your tenth house. Jupiter being the lord of your moon sign and fourth house, will fetch good results according to your Karma. In this Jupiter Transit 2016, a wonderful performance is expected in business affairs which will excel your business. Jupiter transit 2016 suggests that if you are planning to widen up your business just go for it. Success might come from work related trips. This transit will ease your life as it will bring victory in matters like self esteem, personal life. If purchasing a new vehicle or land, you will receive positive results.

Ratings: 5/5

Remedies: Distribute almonds at like temples. Guru sewa in any way .


In this year 2016, Jupiter transit is taking place in ninth house. Jupiter is the lord of twelfth and third house; therefore, this transit will give you mixed results. On one side, it will cheer your soul from inside whereas in some cases it will not be so beneficial. However, Jupiter Transit 2016 advises, it will be helpful if you come in contact with the head of any religious , social sector or Guru. You may get proficient results by improving relations with neighbours and relatives to accomplish good work.

Ratings: 3.5/5

Remedies: Avoid eating meat and offer little  rice in running water. Guru sewa any form.


Jupiter Transit 2016 will take place this year in eighth House, and Jupiter is the lord of second and eleventh house. According to Jupiter Transit 2016, be aware when it comes to financial matter. Although, fortune favours you but avoid making big investments. Transit of Jupiter 2016 indicates you to avoid doing things which will lead to tiffs in family , friends. This Transit is auspicious to practice occult science if you feel like doing. Jupiter transit gives you the message to be self dependent.

Ratings: 2.5/5

Remedies: Donate potatoes, ghee and camphor at temples to make this Transit auspicious. Be in Guru sanidhya.


In this year 2016, Jupiter transit is taking place in your seventh house. Jupiter is the lord of your moon sign and tenth house. Therefore, this year will be well suited for natives, in their professional life. Jupiter Transit 2016 will make all your desires come true. You will be able to do well in business and in office. This transit will prove to be very auspicious for married couples and for natives who are looking forward to get married. Jupiter Transit 2016 will bring the possibility of new love in your life. This transit will bring an increase in reputation.

Ratings: 5/5

Remedies: Worshipping Lord Shiva will be auspicious. Guru and Peeplji tree sewa.

We hope that the Jupiter transit predictions and its remedies will help you in improving your life.

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हरी ॐ

गुरु गोचर 2016

11 अगस्त 2016 को देवगुरु बृहस्पति कन्या राशि में प्रवेश कर रहे हैं और इसी राशि में वे 12 सितम्बर 2017 तक रहने वाले हैं। बृहस्पति के इस राशि परिवर्तन से आपकी राशि पर क्या असर पड़ने वाला है, आइए इस पर एक नज़र डालते हैं ।

Image result for guru graha images kumbakonam


बृहस्पति का गोचर आपके छठे भाव में होगा। बृहस्पति आपके तृतीयेश व षष्ठेश बुध की राशि में रहेगा, अत: पराक्रम में बृद्धि व विरोधियों से संघर्ष करने की क्षमता का विकास होगा। हालाँकि यथा-सम्भव आपको विवादों से बचने का प्रयास करना चाहिए, लेकिन यदि विवाद फिर भी पीछा न छोड़ें, तो घबराने की आवश्यकता नहीं है। समय आपके लिए मददगार है। कार्यक्षेत्र विशेषकर नौकरी के लिए समय अनुकूल है। दूर देश से सम्बंधित कामों से लाभ मिलेगा। आर्थिक व पारिवारिक मामलों के लिए भी समय अनुकूल रहेगा।

भाग्यस्टार: 4/5

उपाय: पुजारी को कपड़े और चंदन भेंट करना शुभ रहेगा।


बृहस्पति का गोचर आपके पंचम भाव में होने जा रहा है। यह आपके धनेश और पंचमेश की राशि में होगा, अत: लाभ की स्थितियाँ मज़बूत होंगी। संतान और शिक्षा से जुड़े मामलों में भी अनुकूलता बनी रहेगी। परिश्रम करने से अच्छे धन प्राप्ति भी सम्भावित है, क्योंकि गुरु आपका अष्टमेश भी है, अत: कुछ अड़चनों का आना भी स्वाभाविक है। अष्टमेश की प्रथम भाव पर दृष्टि कभी-कभार स्वास्थ्य में कुछ कमज़ोरी दिखा सकती है। विशेषकर पेट व पाँव में कुछ तक़लीफ़ भी हो सकती है,लेकिन कोई बड़ी परेशानी नहीं होगी।

भाग्यस्टार: 4.5/5

उपाय: पुजारियों और साधुओं की सेवा करना शुभ रहेगा।


बृहस्पति आपके चतुर्थ भाव में गोचर करेगा। यह आपके कर्म व सम्पत्ति का स्वामी है, अत: कार्यक्षेत्र में वृद्धि होगी। आपकी मेहनत भी रंग लाएगी। कोई पदोन्नति आदि भी सम्भावित है। यदि आप नौकरी या व्यापार में कुछ बदलाव या और भी पूंजी लगाने की सोच रहे हैं, तो भी समय इसके लिए अनुकूल है। बड़े अधिकारियों और शक्ति सम्पन्न व्यक्तियों से जुड़ाव होगा। मान-सम्मान में वृद्धि भी सम्भावित है। साथ ही नई गाड़ी या नए घर में रहने के अवसर मिल सकते हैं। किसी धार्मिक स्थल के निर्माण में भी आप सहयोग कर सकते हैं।

भाग्यस्टार: 4.5/5

उपाय: चित्त मन से मंदिर में जाकर चने की दाल का दान करें।


बृहस्पति का गोचर आपके तीसरे भाव में हो रहा है। यह आपके छठे व नवम भाव का स्वामी है। अत: आपके भीतर एक नए आत्मविश्वास का संचार होगा, लेकिन अत्यधिक आत्मविश्वास में आकर पड़ोसियों व भाइयों से विवाद करने से बचें। हालाँकि यात्राओं के माध्यम से काम बनेगा, लेकिन अपने स्वास्थ्य को ध्यान में रखकर ही यात्रा करें। मित्र-भाईयों व सहयोगियों से ज़रूरत पड़ने पर सहयोग मिलेगा। यदि अविवाहित हैं तो विवाह के योग निर्मित होंगे, अन्यथा वैवाहिक जीवन सुखद रहेगा। लाभ के अवसर मज़बूत होंगे।

भाग्यस्टार: 4/5

उपाय: देवी दुर्गा की पूजा करें और कन्याओं को मिठाई और फल दान करें।


बृहस्पति का गोचर आपके दूसरे भाव में हो रहा है। यह आपके पंचम व अष्टम भाव का स्वामी है, अत: आर्थिक मामलों में आपका मददगार बनेगा। आप धन की बचत कर सकेंगे, साथ ही कहीं से अचानक धन की प्राप्ति भी सम्भावित है और रूके हुए पैसे भी मिल सकते हैं। आप धन को परिजनों के हितार्थ ख़र्च करेंगे। घर परिवार में कोई मांगलिक कार्य हो सकता है। घर में किसी बच्चे के जन्म लेने का योग बन रहा है। प्रेम-प्रसंगों में अनुकूलता रहेगी। हालाँकि वाहन चलाते समय सावधानी रखने का संदेश भी बृहस्पति के द्वारा दिया जा रहा है।

भाग्यस्टार: 4.5/5

उपाय: पुजारी को पीले कपड़ों का दान करें।


बृहस्पति आपके पहले भाव में आ रहे हैं और ये आपक