Fiery, energetic and passionate are a few words used to throw light upon the nature of the planet Mars. Also known as Mangal, Angaraka and Kuja, the ancient God of War is known to be an enforcer and an authoritarian. A splendid personality, utmost power and boundless confidence are a few gifts that the planet Mars endows an individual with. An ambitious nature and high competitiveness is also considered to be in Mars’ neck of woods. The red planet induces an individual with aggression, honor and courage. Professions such as that of defense, weapon manufacture, real estate and restaurant are a few to name that are highly influenced by the planet Mars.

Coming times are to be careful for all in general . People with blood  , sugar , bones ,lungs , fever , anger , concentration , have to be very careful .Rain is expected in coming two weeks time , Political hustle bustle will increase , anti social elements may increase there unruly activities , terrorism , tension on borders may increase , education feild may face challenges , and some changes may occur before March , things may get costlier ,chemicals , medicines , diesel  , petrol prices may go up , Gold prices may come down , Share market may see few up trends till march , Accidents through all means , Sea , Train , Air , Road , Fire may increase , health of any politician may get badly effected , people getting married during this period , must do remedies , over all all have to be careful in coming times especially from 26th January till March end .

Certain parts of Bharat , people may come on road , roots possible . State and Center governments , and other authorities should be careful . Certain new may be behind scene people will come in limelight in politics and few old ones due to vain dosh will loose pratishtaa. Sports people will gain , though after 26th january , this transit may create problems in team activities in many fields , though Army some gains are foreseen . Although this Mangal is not that bad , is on somya side , Guru drishti is direct on Mangal ,  so doing remedies will safe guard you all easily.

In the year 2017, Mars / Mangal will be transiting in the Moon sign Pisces on 20th January and will stay here till 2nd  March 2017. This transit will have varied effects on different Moon sign. Bhaiyaji gives us a General glance on the impact , that this transit would make in the lives of people belonging to different Moon signs.

Aries / Mesh 

Those belonging to the Aries rashi might experience a decline in their health during this transit period. Health issues related to blood are foreseen in this duration. You might have to plan a few personal or professional trips during this period, against your wish. Abstain from taking mental stress due to avoidable and unnecessary circumstances. Some might get trapped in legal issues which might be a wee bit tough to overcome from. Siblings, especially brothers of the native of this sign might benefit while this transit lasts. New relations with foreign lands during this transit period might yield benefits in the long run. Partnership may get effected ,take care of spouse , court cases , yatra , arguments , all will get gain , take care of eyes , head

General Remedies : Worship Lord Hanuman regularly. Wear silver chin , or keep little silver from mother / elderly lady hand , milk daan , ekadashi daan rice don’t eat .

Taurus / Vrishabh

Folks of Taurus sign can expect earnings from foreign sources and hospitals during this transit. You might also get an insurance policy in this period. Major sources of income can be expected to open-up for you during this transit period. Try to maximise your savings for the rainy days as much as possible. Your spouse or professional partner might be the source of profits for you in this duration too. The health of your children is expected to be affected during this time period. Children might feel anxious and undergo random and sudden mood swings. The easily irritable nature of children might lead to a disturbed atmosphere at home. This might prove to be a challenging period for the children hence, try to give them time and give them a patient ear. Take care of spouse relation , health care over all , get iron and liver checked once , skin care is must , take care of relationship with elder brother sister.Investments have to be carefuly  done if necessary .

General Remedies: Try to donate blood on Tuesdays. Eat one apple daily ,try  walking barefoot in morning / evening on grass  is must , keep control on anger , do not take money through wrong means , Monday Thursdays saturdays feed street dogs , wear red color thread on right wrist .

Gemini / Mithun

Professionally, your authority might undergo a substantial increase. You are expected to climb up the professional ladder during this period. The planet Mars might induce you with an authoritative and commanding nature, himself being in the shadows and showing its traits. Your hard work will be appreciated and you will gain the credit for your considerable work. Abstain from actions taken in anger and keep a tab on your aggression. Rushed decisions and impulsive nature might land you in trouble during this period. Take care of anger especially till 6th February. Try to establish an equilibrium between your personal and professional life as your increased involvement in work might turn your relationships sour. The health of your children might suffer during this period. Try to handle situations at your domestic front with utmost patience and maturity as relationships might get disturbed because of your grouchy nature. Take care of father health , students will have to put in more efforts .

General Remedies: Feed green fodder to cows. Also donate gram pulse and jaggery on Tuesdays. Isht puja aaradhna , Blood donation if possible , in a mud pot fill sweets offer to children or any needy on tuesdays and fridays ,plant peepalji and banana trees .

Cancer / Kark

Those belonging to the sign Cancer might be able to make the most of this period of Mars transit. Those looking forward to pursue higher education in foreign lands might get a head start in this period. Long trips during this period are also on the cards. You can expect your luck to be completely in your favour in this duration. Long stuck work might gain momentum and success in upcoming endeavours can also be expected during this transit period. Your children are predicted to flourish during this period. They will be able to do well in academics and gain results as per their desire in this period. Try to keep your expenses low in this period as they might lead to financial loss in near future. Pay close attention towards the health of your mother as it might decline during this transit period. Your relationship with younger siblings might get hampered too. Take care while speaking to anyone , or due to your vain you may face problems , take care of stomach , head , eyes , teeth . Money scarcity may put you in tension , beware of hidden enemies ,

General Remedies: Worship Lord Hanuman. Daan of new clothes to needy , feed dogs , take bath putting little milk first ,anger and  vaani par control .

Leo / Singh

This transit might bring health issues to those belonging to the sign Leo. The health of your father might also decline during this period as health issues related to blood are quite possible during this period. Try to pay attention to even the slightest of symptoms and exercise caution wherever possible. Unexpected professional gains are foreseen during this period. Injuries might happen in this duration hence, drive with utmost care. Petty issues with your in-laws might crop up during this period. Try to maintain a clean diet and inculcate regular physical activities in your daily regimen. Practice yoga for mental peace and physical fitness. Drive carefully especially till 20th February , Take care of stomach , hips , shoulder , concentration / ekagrata , family problems may increase , take care of elders health ,

General Remedies: Offer water to Lord Surya/ Sun. Water plants , offer Coconut to Bhairavji temple , or shivji , avoid wearing yellow and black clothes , wear white thread on wrist , avoid lifting heavy things suddenly ,offer sliver to mother or any needy elderly , Isht puja must .

Virgo / Kanya

Mars in moon sign Pisces might induce you with an increased aggression and high irritability. The health of your spouse might need attention during this period. Avoid ignoring any symptoms at all costs. Issues and misconceptions in your marital bond can also be expected during this transit period. This duration might prove to be beneficial for your siblings as they will be able to make the most of this period. You might witness progress in your career while this transit lasts. Try to make use of every opportunity that might cross your way. A climb on the professional ladder might also be accompanied with a hike in income. Try to be regular with your workout regimen to keep yourself in good shape.Be very careful over all , take any decision very carefuly , take care of stomach , eyes , head , and below naval area , Pratishta / your fame to be taken care off , partnerships be careful

General Remedies: Offer red flowers to Goddess Laxmi on Fridays. Take light food , daan deal grad to needy on tuesdays / saturdays , take bath twice a day , get up as early as possible before 6 am , keep yellow fabric in pocket with ratio daana .

Libra / Tula

Folks belonging to the sign Tula might have to face financial loss during the transit period of the planet Mars in the sign Pisces. This planetary movement might urge you to be persistent in your hard work and dedication to achieve your goals. Travel plans against your wish might crop up leaving you disappointed and exhausted. Chances of getting an injury are high hence, drive safely during this period. Post 29th of January, health issues to your spouse might keep you preoccupied and stressed. Those in professional partnerships might encounter troubles with their partners during this period. You are predicted to have an edge over your foes and competitors in this duration. Your inclination and determination towards your profession will increase substantially. You will be willing to take initiative and wouldn’t mind going that extra mile to give your best shot. Take care of head , hidden enemies , anger , hyperness , love affairs , marriage related works ,

General Remedies: Hand over sweet meats to little girls on Fridays. Food take very simple , have more fruits , pulses , water , kanya help in any way , Guru sanidhya best to take care of all .

Scorpio / Vrishchik

Folks belonging to the Scorpio sign might feel highly inclined towards their educational pursuits during the transit period of the planet Mars in the sign Pisces. The health of your children might decline in this duration hence, go through all the symptoms with a fine tooth comb. Children might get mischievous and impish during this period. Misconceptions might breed in your love relation in this duration. Try to nip such issues right in the bud before they transform into bigger problems. Those awaiting a financially sturdy period might get a reason to rejoice. Financial gains from unexpected sources are predicted during this period. You might also set foot on a new journey during this transit period. This duration might be an apt time period for the repayment of loans and debts. Children of this rashi may go thru some problems , Some of you may learn new study materials , take care of stomach , over all not bad time

General Remedies: Plant a pomegranate tree outside the house or in a garden or a temple. Kanya pujan and daan must , cow sewa must especially on fridays . Do not loose patience .

Sagittarius / Dhanu

The transit of planet Mars in Meen might give you a stressed domestic life during this period. Maintain your calm and handle the clashes and disagreements with a composed mind. A disturbed marital life can also be predicted for a few. Professional success might give your morale a much needed boost in this duration. This success might also lead to a hike in your income. Unexpected gains from foreign sources can also be foretold during this period. You might lack concentration and focus during this period and this might lead to increased stress in your life. Try meditation and yoga for a soothing mind and a healthier body. You might spend on household and luxury items during this period. Take care of vehicle , education related matters , take especial care of fame , lungs , head , hips , take especial care till 5th February of any social problem ,

General Remedies: Feed wheat to a cow daily. walk barefoot on grass or mud , gur daan / gur rewari daan , no big investments , tuesdays daan of copper utensil ,

Capricorn / Makar

The transit of the planet Mars in the sign Pisces will increase the determination towards work and education of the natives of Capricorn sign. You will enjoy the sudden boost that this transit will give to your valor and enthusiasm. Your energy levels will be on an all time high in this duration. This transit period will urge you to make new beginnings by providing you with adequate ideas, courage and the skill of time management. You might initiate some journeys that have been on your mind for quite a time now. You will also have an upper hand over your rivals and foes. This transit might not fare well for your younger siblings though. Your diligence and persistence in the professional arena will attract appreciation. This might be a good time for repayment of old loans and debts. Take care of health , infections , fever especially till 20th February , till march be careful of friends ,

General Remedies: Worship Lord Shani and Hanumanji  regularly.Wear more whites , Daan of red and black color garment to needy on any two tuesdays , Guru sanidhya must .

Aquarius / Kumbh

The transit of Mars in Pisces sign might give rise to familial issues in your immediate family. The natives of Aquarius sign might be able to reap benefits from their younger siblings during this period. Your finances are expected to grow sturdy during this period too. You will be able to gain financial support from your close ones in this duration. Your children might suffer from health issues during this transit period as this duration might not be all that auspicious for them. Students belonging to the Aquarius sign can expect exceptional results in their academia. Though, they might have to earn it by putting in extra hours and increased efforts. While the planet Mars is on the move, there will be no deficiency in your determination towards achieving your goals and turning your aspirations into reality. Over all better time ahead , take care of your vaani , travel will be fruitful .

General Remedies: Worship Goddess Durga regularly. Have plenty of water , Feed cows especially on Thursdays

Pisces / Meen

The transit of the planet Mars in Pisces might make you easily irritable and give you a combative and hostile aura. Your inclination towards sensuality and intimacy might remain on an all time high during this transit period. You might also develop issues with your spouse and family members during this period. Try not bring your aggressive self forward to deal with issues that need to be dealt with a calm and composed mind. Situations might get provocative and tricky but don’t lose your patience and handle them with your wit and maturity. Luck would be by your side to help you out. Professionals are predicted to do very well in their arena while this transit lasts. Take care of any injury , electricity , fire ,  family problems may increase , keep patience or it will hamper pratistha

General Remedies: Apply Kesar tilak on your forehead daily. If possible wear kara / challa in ring finger  of mix gold and silver , take care of parents , cow sewa on wednesdays , Bua ji ko gift anything and take aashirwaad .

We hope to have helped you unlock the mystery of this transit and what it might hold for you generally . We wish the best for you all .