Mars transit in Libra is on June 18, 2016. Read this article by our Beloved Bhaiyaji and discover your fate during this planetary movement. Know how this transit is going to affect your life.

On June 18, 2016 Mars will transit into Libra Constellation of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter come under Libra. If you are going through Pratyantar Dasha of Mars, major changes will be seen in your life.










Impacts of Mars transit in Libra on all the signs will be:


Lord of planet is aspecting its house; hence, you need not worry for anything. Keep anger in control and don’t turn violent. Don’t do anything which might hurt others. Health of spouse might get affected. Try to bring peace and happiness in your life.


Familial matters might cause some troubles. Financial life might also go through some problems, but don’t worry. Everything will get back to normal soon. Be calm and relaxed.


Love has the power to conquer all and bring bliss in every sphere of life. Trust is the base of every relation. If there are any issues going inside you, fight with them and clear them. Take care of health and avoid spicy & heavy food. Avoid eating outside.


Behave good with family members, ward off your anger and ego. Things will go wonderful at workfront and so will your finances. Continue with your job and don’t think about changing it. Good opportunities will come later. You fall in love easily, but come out of it very soon. Avoid thinking about this and shift focus on your professional life.


Ninth house lord is aspecting your ninth house. Mars is transiting in your third house. Everything is favorable, you need not to worry about anything. Move forward and help others. Don’t argue and drive carefully. You will have to visit nearby places and distant locations. Don’t let any opportunity slip out of your hand, extreme profits are assured.


Mars, being lord of eight house lord and third house lord is not good for Virgo. Constellations of Mars, Rahu and Jupiter come under Libra and when Mars will be in its own constellation, it is harmful for you. However, when it will come in Jupiter’s constellation, betterment will come. Don’t lose your calm. Others might not think good for you, but don’t let this affect you. Make sure not to argue with family members. You might feel like going against things, but avoid it. Don’t over think about yourself and don’t get carried away if somebody appreciates you .


Luck will not support, but endeavors will accomplish. Support will come from spouse, but normal tiffs are possible. It is good to talk; however, instead of proving yourself right all the time, you should listen to others as well. You have to be serious toward work and don’t say no to anything out of ego or stubborn attitude. Be in harmony with family members. Stay careful from diseases and injuries.


You will get support from friends and your works will fulfil. However, they might get delayed. This might irritate you. Financial gains are on your cards; hence, nothing to worry about. Some hidden happiness is also predicted for you.


Love life will give you reasons to smile; however, expenses are possible on it. Workfront will go wonderful. You will feel energetic and this will inspire others as well. Don’t argue with friends, as they always stand by you. Enemies will stay from you, be happy.


Eleventh house lord is forming extremely auspicious Yoga after coming in tenth house. It is aspecting Aries and strengthening tenth house. As a result, profits will come in family matters and work front. Accomplish all the pending tasks related to home and don’t work about professional life. Go on an outing with family; spend time with your children. If not married, spend time with friends or lover. Time is very good, make the best of it.


When first, tenth, and eleventh house associate together, it is good for the native. Your tenth house lord is in ninth house, which is good. Luck will support. However, when Mars will come in the constellation of Rahu, some troubles are possible. Health of elders of family might get affected. Profits will come to you after some days. Profits will come from friends and gifts are expected from in-laws. Try to help those who are associated with religious deeds.


Second house lord and ninth house lord are in your eighth house. It will bless you with something for sure. Ups & downs both will come, but disappointments are possible in the beginning. Don’t feel upset, as a lot of good things are possible. You will enjoy sexual pleasures. Money will come from hidden relations and you will rule over your enemies. Take care of your and your family’s health. Every unfavorable thing will end soon, don’t worry.