Mercury Retrograde takes place three, sometimes even four times a year, with the planet Mercury appearing to move backwards instead of transiting in a zodiac sign. It happens when Mercury moves around and comes between planet Earth and Sun.

Presently, Mercury will retrograde on December 03, 2017 (Sunday) at 13:04 PM, will go back into Scorpio on December 11, 2017 (Monday) at 04:07 AM and will become progressive (direct motion) on December 23, 2017 (Saturday) at 07:21 AM. The duration of this process will be 20 days. 

Let’s read and find out the effects of this retrogradation on 12 different Moon signs.


You have to be cautious in terms of your communication skills because of its direct impact on your social reputation and image. Siblings may have to face some problems, and you’ll have a tough time persuading them to help you with certain tasks. You may find it difficult to take the right decision or become careless, leading to a wrong step.


Some problems may arise in your married life, majorly disagreements and fights between you two. Avoid such situations and communicate better to get to the root of the problem. Understand what your partner wants and try to support each other. Also, you might find it difficult to cope up with your business partner, and would leave no stones unturned in establishing a dominance over him/her within the partnership. You won’t like to be limited and stay within any boundaries, which will directly affect your personal and professional life. You would love to be praised by others, leading to a path of narcissism, but will dislike if anything goes opposite.


Your expenses will increase and you will have to reluctantly use your savings and a part of your income in covering up your spendings. There are chances of you getting involved in some arguments and disputes, so keep an eye and try to dissolve such situations. Your opponents will rise to power, and you’ll do everything in your power to dominate them. Your trips won’t prove to be that profitable as expected. You might experience some physical pain, especially related to skin. Your plans may not go accordingly, and you may have to face certain issues regarding this. You may become impulsive in accomplishing a task and apply your personal decisions and beliefs just to achieve the results.


You feel strongly for others, especially your family members, people you love and children. Also, you’ll feel concerned towards people you are deeply related to. You’ll suddenly feel obliged to care for other people,driving them to a state of frustration and irritation. Due to this, you will stop thinking about yourself and experience mood swings. You need to stop obsessing about other people or going to certain lengths for them and start thinking about yourself.


You’ll feel passion inside to prove yourself and your skills, which will become a demanding factor in evoking your egoistic nature. You need to act sympathetic towards people and do not let your ego overcome your personality. You might feel regretful towards certain actions but won’t notice during the time you’re actually going ahead with it. You’ll believe in showing off yourself, but will completely forget the consequences tagged along with these actions in your personal life. A sense of overconfidence will evoke inside of you which must be controlled at any cost so as to avoid any bad consequences.


As Mercury is the lord of your zodiac sign, it will directly affect your sensitivity. Hence, either you’ll be hypersensitive or won’t feel a thing. This will be an important period of your life, as your actions and work will define you in the near future. There is no sense in sitting idle and running away from your responsibilities. On the other hand, leaving everything just to finish one task would also do no good. You might have to face some issues within the workplace. Think wisely before taking any major decisions.


There is a possibility of you neglecting other people’s necessities and feelings and focusing more on yourself. Also, there are chances of you becoming self-focussed within your own family and not listening to any person. In case this persists, this situation will work against you, affecting your wealth and reputation badly. Hence, think before speaking and try to know the reason. Avoid going deep into the conversation. Results might get delayed due to your mishandling and not prioritising the tasks. It will prove unfavorable in the near future.


You’ll try to apply the perspective of people about you and what they think of you on yourself, hence modifying your personality. Although you must live a balanced life, where you think equally about yourself and other people while using your resources well. You’ll make some secret plans and would seek attention from people. Although, the best part would be that you’ll start thinking about people as well. You will have to get rid of depression and have to communicate freely with coworkers.


This time will be important for you as you’ll edit your own work and would rely less on people to assist you in any manner. This will help you know yourself better. Your intuitive levels will improve and you’ll be able to know yourself a bit more. You’ll get more opportunities to add to your knowledge and see the world from multiple perspectives. Do not assume any outcome and avoid being your own critic.Think twice before speaking, or it may fire back.Analyze every step before moving further. It is possible to be obsessed with something you want to do. If you want to lose weight, then you know a lot about yourself. You should accept any challenge after accessing your capabilities.


You must refrain from doing anything that is against your moral standards. At times you might feel that no one is watching you and you’re free to do anything. You might have to face difficulties in such situations. Learn from your mistakes and be nice to people. If you’ll keep your feelings side and focus on your responsibilities, situations might work in your favor and will take you to new heights. Also, you’ll be able to handle things in a better way.and circumstances will be in your favor.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com


You’ll have to use your knowledge and get rid of any feeling regarding extra freedom in your life. You might feel trapped but you have to oversee this feeling and think straight without inducing a sense of prejudice. You’ll face a dilemma between your heart and feelings, and have to analyse your choice before going ahead. Stay calm and think before going ahead.


You get overwhelmed by people’s feeling towards you, which affects you mentally and restricts you from performing better. Hence you are unable to take well-evaluated decisions and miss out on positive outcomes. You must avoid being too emotional and pursue something which is best for everyone along with you. This period will allow you to grow further in life. Choose the way you believe is right so as to avoid any mistakes.