King of twelve Moon signs, the mighty Sun enters a dual-natured air sign Mithun/Gemini on June 15th 2018, 11:52 am. Gemini is ruled by crafty Mercury and Sun and Mercury are measured as good friends. In our part of the world this change of sign by the Sun in Gemini signals beginning of the rainy season.

Sun oversees the inner depth of a person and motivates his/her soul. It inspires spirituality in people and enhances their personality. It is also the main factor for high level Government services and posts as well as for respect and prestige. With its strong presence in one’s horoscope, one can get success in the political domain. On the other hand, its weak presence causes decline in self-confidence and dignity, differences with the father as well as eye related issues.

For appeasing this planet, there are several remedies mentioned in Vedic Astrology. Following them, one can also avoid the malefic effects of the Sun on his/her life. Sun signifies your personality and Mercury provides necessary intellectual input to achieve your objective and success in your pursuit. Now is a good supportive time to get encouraging results from efforts put in earlier. This also lays the foundation for further progress in your field of activity. This time is for shaping new meaningful relationships. This works well for enhancing your prospects on the occupational and financial front as well. Try to put in your best efforts to push ahead your prospects in general.

Sun in Gemini gives you time to review your strategy intelligently and to look for any change needed to accelerate the pace of progress. This is a good time for business persons to explore new avenues and then make efforts for consolidation. Employed individuals need to stick to present assignments and try to put in improved performance.

Sun in Gemini now moves in direct opposition to Saturn. This is indicative of challenging time ahead. Jupiter eyes Sun moving through Gemini now which is supportive for progressive forces to work effectively. Now is the time for cold winds to blow and in turn heavy rains are possible. In politics, borders and markets – unrest is possible and there is also a possibility of accidents, especially for those who have bad Surya in their birth charts.


Read this post to explore the effects of this Surya transit on all 12 Moon signs, in General.

Aries / Mesh 

Sun now moves through the third house for your sign. The third house is about communication, short-term travel, siblings and relatives. Sun holds a portfolio of the fifth house for your moon sign. This indicates supportive time to revive old relationships. You are likely to have a pleasant enjoyable time and talk about good old days. Short-term travel by business persons is likely to yield encouraging results. Now seems a good time to launch a new product. With regards to health, some kind of viral infection can catch up with you. You need to take due precautionary measure to protect yourself from infections. Issue related to respiratory system needs to be treated promptly. During this transit period, there might be an upswing in your determination. Your aggression at work might not help you in achieving your objectives, so try to be calm and composed. There might arise some health issues with your siblings. Moreover, you might get involved in some virtuous pursuits. There might be some differences between you and your father’s opinions. It would be your sincere efforts that would help you in earning. A new relationship may blossom in this period. Your love life would also improve after some confusions. Minor monetary gain may lift spirits and gives enough reason to cheer up.

General Remedy :Worship your Pitra/ancestors with utmost devotion.

Taurus / Vrishabh

Sun holds a portfolio of the fourth house for your sign. Sun now moves through the second house. This can lead to increase in family-related expenses. You would be keen to deploy savings to earn more. However, the present position of planets does not seem supportive on this account. A severe toothache can trouble you. You need to handle matters related to finance carefully. Take decisions related to finance after due deliberation only. A business person has to exert more to keep the show running satisfactorily. Career oriented people are to perform with improved efficiency. For some of you, earnings may increase and you might receive gains through land or property. You need to be calm and composed as bitterness in your speech might lead you in hot waters. You and your spouse’s health might decline. Moreover, you might have some issues with your family. You need to take proper care of your diet and hygiene. Apart from this, you might receive gains by renting out your property.

General Remedy: Worship little girls as Goddess and take their blessings.

Gemini / Mithun 

Sun rules the third house for your sign. Sun now moves through your sign. The issues in personal life are to put you in discomfort in this period. Do not get overly worked up over this. Have patience and handle this very tactfully to maintain harmony. Married people need to take care of sensibilities of partner for life. Spend some quality time with your spouse regularly. This helps to vent out hurt feelings and share concerns. Handle matters related to finance very carefully. An unexpected expense is also possible. This transit would bring aggression in your behaviour and harshness in your speech. Therefore, you need to be calm and composed, or your behaviour might affect your relationship. There might be some tiffs in your marital life and you might dominate your spouse. During this period, your health might decline and issues like fever or headaches might affect you. Your siblings would support you and would enjoy their progress as well. Plan finance with long-term view and keep enough provision for contingency. Middle-aged and above may be troubled by pain in joints. Take due care in this regard.

General Remedy: Donate Jaggery to unknown needy.

Cancer / Kark

Sun now traverses through the 12th house for your sign. Sun rules the second house for your sign. The second house relates to finance and family mainly. You may spend money in your social circle to show off your affluence. However, do not go overboard in spending money and remain conscious about saving money for future needs. Keep enough provision for contingency so that you do not have to rush for seeking money from friends or relatives. You need to keep an effective check on unwarranted expenses. You need to be very careful about health. Do not neglect even the minor looking issues and do treat the same with due remedial measures promptly to stop the issue from getting escalated. During this transit period, you might go abroad or you might plan for the same. You would supersede your opponents and even legal cases might fall in your favour. Huge expenses are also foreseen. Moreover, health issues might occur with your spouse. Apart from this, you might invest somewhere abroad.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and offer wheat to needy.

Leo / Singh


Sun rules your sign. In light of this, movement of the Sun carries more importance for you. The Sun now moves through the eleventh house. This seems a happy proposition for you. The eleventh house is about gains, fulfilment of wishes and relationships in general. This movement of Sun in Gemini through the eleventh house is to provide an opportunity to have some handsome financial gain. In turn, this adds more strength to your position on the financial front. Some issue in your relationship with a close person can put you in discomfort. Handle this with due grace to resolve the issue amicably. You need to be very careful about your health and take due care in this regard. Huge gains are possible. You would witness an enhancement in your social status. You would also enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones. Furthermore, your relations with the eminent people of society would form in this period and you would receive benefits through them. You might also receive gains through the Government. Troubles in your love relationship are possible. Moreover, children might feel irritated and their health might also decline.

General Remedy: Apply Saffron Tilak on your forehead.

Virgo / Kanya

Sun rules the 12th house for your sign. Sun now traverses through the tenth house. This indicates challenging time for you on the occupational front. A business person has to exert more to strike a good profitable deal. Business persons in foreign trade will get the opportunity to crack an encouraging deal with a company based abroad. A short-term travel abroad is foreseen. Career oriented persons need to stick to present assignments and try to put in an improved performance to keep their position secure. You need to be very careful about your health. Some major health issue can trouble you now and you should rush to your physician for prescribing due remedial medication as and when required. During this transit period, a higher position at workplace is possible, which indicates elevation in your professional status. You might receive gains through a foreign collaboration or you might get a job in an MNC abroad. Tiffs in your domestic life are likely. Health of your parents might also get considerably affected. Prioritize your work and put extra efforts to achieve your goals.

General Remedy: Chant Surya Mantra before 6 AM everyday.

Libra / Tula 

Sun rules the eleventh house for your sign. Sun now traverses through the ninth house. You are likely to be keen to have a meaningful relationship to push ahead of your prospects. However, you need to tread carefully in a new relationship. Job holders need to aim at putting in improved performance to keep their position secure. A business person has to do more follow-ups to strike deals with high worth customers. You are to remain in a healthy financial position. However, you need to keep enough provision for an unexpected expense. You need to be careful about health. If you have trouble related to the respiratory system, treat the same promptly with due remedial measure to save from further complications. There would be a rise in your income. This time period would also be favourable for your father. Long journeys would prove to be beneficial for you. Moreover, you would experience a rise in your name and fame. You would also experience an elevation in your professional status. However, there might be some issues with siblings, but your determination would be pretty high. Apart from this, gains from the Government or Government officials are also presaged.

General Remedy: Offer water to Surya before 6.30 am.

Scorpio / Vrishchik

Sun holds an important portfolio of the tenth house for your sign. Considering this, movement of the Sun carries immense importance for you. Now the Sun traverses through the eighth house. The eighth house is related to longevity, sudden gain or loss and occult among other things. If you are inclined towards occult, now seems to be a good supportive time to follow your interest and know more about the occult. There is likelihood of some major health issue catching up with you. Viewing this, you need to take care of your health sincerely. No major financial gain is foreseen for you as of now. Family related expense is likely to increase. You need to handle matters related to finance very carefully and execute due discrimination in spending money.  During this transit period, you must take better care of your health as there is a possibility that you may suffer from a perennial disease. Avoid chilli, spicy and oily food. Harshness in the speech of your spouse might increase, so you need to refrain yourself from getting into arguments. Tiffs in your family are foreseen and undesired travelling is also possible. You might also experience loss of money in this period. As far as your career is concerned, there may be some ups and downs. Moreover, you need to work hard in order to get acknowledged by your seniors.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and offer Jaggery to him.

Sagittarius / Dhanu 

Sun moves through the seventh house for your sign. Sun rules the ninth house for your sign. The ninth house is about luck and fortune in general, long-distance travel and blessings of higher soul. This movement of Sun through the seventh house can put you in discomfort regarding relationships. You need to handle this carefully and take care that you maintain harmony in the concerned relationship. Business persons need to refrain from starting a new venture. You are to remain in a sound financial position. Do not take undue risk to push ahead of your financial prospects. You would have gains through your spouse. Your social status would enhance. You would also receive gains through the Government. Furthermore, you would get the support of your seniors. Ego clashes in your marital life are possible. If you are planning for love marriage, you might get success in that after going through several disputes and problems. Moreover, health issues of your spouse are probable. This transit period would bring about an elevation in your professional status.

General Remedy : Offer water to Surya in a Copper vessel mixing a pinch of Kumkum in it.

Capricorn / Makar 

Sun is the ruler of the eighth house for your sign. Sun now moves through the sixth house. The sixth house is linked with ailments, disease, debt, and competitors in your field of activity. This movement of the Sun through the sixth house does not seem to be a positive proposition for you. Job holders may be very stressed due to heavy workload. In turn, job holders have to work for extended hours to meet scheduled deadlines. Business persons need to lower margins to score over competitors to clinch a big-ticket deal. Regarding your health, some kind of viral infection can trouble you here. In view of this, take due precautionary measures to save from viral infections. You would be pretty exuberant and high spirited. You would dominate your enemies and opponents and they may not even dare to confront you. You might also be able to pay your debts in this period. There are chances that you may get affected by a perennial disease. You need to drive carefully as injuries might be possible. Your expenses may increase. You would be able to succeed with legal cases. You need to abstain yourself from getting involved in any kind of dispute. You would be successful at work if you put extra effort into it.

General Remedy: Feed wheat grains and Jaggery to Ox on Sundays.

Aquarius / Kumbh 

Sun rules the seventh house for your sign. Sun now moves through the fifth house. This can lead to an issue with the person with whom you are emotionally attached. Do not over stress your point of view and raise your level of compatibility and have a pragmatic approach to resolving the issue amicably. Refrain from taking undue risk to get a major financial gain. This can lead to a financial mess for you. Disturbance during routine activity is likely to hold employed persons from performing effectively. In turn, job holders have to work for extended hours to meet the approaching deadlines. You need to be very careful about your health. There might be some health issues with your children in this transit period. Ego clashes and quarrels in your love matters are also presaged. You might think of giving a name to your relationship, but it would be a tough call and you would have to face opposition as well. Your spouse would receive huge gains. You might also think about changing your job. Moreover, health complications might trouble you.

General Remedy: Donate Copper on Sunday.

Pisces / Meen

Sun rules the sixth house for your sign. Now the Sun moves through the fourth house. The fourth house is about mother, money in the bank account, domestic matters and a residential place among other things. You may need to be more attentive about domestic matters. Increase in household related expenses is likely. Some repairs in residential place may be needed urgently. Business persons have to exert more to keep the show running satisfactorily. Career oriented people need to stay focused on the task at hand to perform efficiently. You need to keep an effective check on unwarranted expenses and remain conscious about saving money. Some health issue is likely to trouble you in this period. In view of this, remain very careful about your health. There might be tiffs in your domestic life. Some health issues may also occur with your parents. There might be ego clashes at your workplace, but you would be able to face them, as well as all other challenges, with your firm determination. Your spouse might gain a new position or authority at the workplace. Moreover, you might try to dominate others at home and this could create some issues. But, this transit period would be a progressive period for you as far as your career is concerned.

General Remedy: Donate wheat on Sunday.