Saturn is known to be disciplinary by nature. It plays a crucial role in our lives. Based on Past , Present Karma , time and our attitude towards life, Saturn decides and judges our lives. Being strict and punctual, the teacher helps those who help themselves. Saturn is considered as a significant planet, as it teaches us lessons of life.
We become highly disciplined and work harder to achieve more in life. The planet urges us to work and finish it on time.
Saturn Transit 2019, the supervisor planet will change its sign hence, affecting all the moon signs in one way or the other.

Saturn, the taskmaster planet, will remain there in Sagittarius during 2019. The planet will retrograded on 30th April 2019 and will start its progressive journey from 18th September in same sign. The teacher Saturn remain combust till 20th January, 2019 and thereafter becoming combust on 27th December 2019 to 31st January 2020. During the year 2019, Shaniji will remain in the same sign i.e. Dhanu / Sagittarius.

Let us now see how the ruler of career will affect us through our moon signs in general .

Note : Very important to know , people who have lot of multiple problems , should consult a learned Astrologer with personal birth charts , for exact personalized remedies .


If you are an Aries native, Saturn is your 10th house and 11th house lord. Saturn stands for profession, income, gains, action, and accomplishments. During Saturn Transit 2019, what you require most is patience. You may have a hard time but this will pass away soon. Do not be a pessimist and give up. Achieving success may be tough during this time, which is why, you need to work hard and stay on toes. One may witness a slow career growth until June 2019. There may erupt problems in income and career during the span from June to October.

However, things may turn to your side after the month of October. You may feel like your luck is favoring you tremendously. This will be the best time to give a tough blow to your competition. You will defeat your enemies. Take proper care of your younger sibling’s health.

General Remedy: Feed cow with roti and ghee.


Saturn is your 9th house and 10th house lord, signifying fortune, fame, profession, and action. Saturn Transit 2019 opens new avenues for career. Period from June to October is an ideal time for your profession. However, you may face challenges post October. The ruler of fame won’t be favorable for investors. You may feel unfortunate, as there is a possibility of unanticipated losses due to Saturn Transit 2019. You need to pay more attention to your child’s education.

Devoting time to your family, especially life partner, more than before is crucial. Work hard to achieve success with family. Avoid engaging in any type of arguments, as a heated discussion may spoil your relations with others. Your father should be your top-most priority during Saturn Transit. Maintaining a healthier relationship with your father may prevent bad health and unnecessary mental stress on your father’s part.

General Remedy: Donate black shoes and clothes.


If you are a Gemini native, Saturn is your 8th house and 9th house lord, which stands for longevity, major transformation, fortune, and fame. Time is favorable for Gemini natives during Saturn Transit 2019. All your disputes or disagreements with others may end soon. This is the best time to sort out your legal issues, as luck is by your side. You may grow personally and professionally. Your family life may blossom due to which there will be happiness all around.

Saturn Transit is also an ideal time to make investments, as there may not be any financial losses. This time will urge you to spend quality time with your friends and family , maintaining balance between personal and professional life will help you more. Pay more attention to your mother’s health as she may show signs of a deteriorating health.

General Remedy: Wear black horse shoe ring in middle finger.


Saturn governs your 7th house which symbolizes spouse and partnerships and 8th house signifying major changes and longevity. During this period, do not mess with people or engage in any kind of dispute with others. Take care of health. You may also travel rigorously during Saturn Transit 2019. Cancer natives may have to face unwanted mental stress.

Avoid getting involved in any heated discussion, as disputes are likely to occur. Try and maintain your calm when you are angry and other is at fault, not you. It is advisable to spend more time with your friends for motivation and positive vibes. Your siblings may need your assistance during this time. You should also not waste your time and energy in arguing with others at work or home. Keep control on your emotions, as people management is the most important during this period.

General Remedy: Feed birds with grains of 7 types.


Saturn, being the 6th house lord, symbolizes struggle, enemies, and disease. The planet is the ruler of 7th house that signifies spouse and partnerships. During Saturn Transit, you need to monitor your expense sheet, as there may be unnecessary expenses. Budget your income wisely and save more for future. If you are a Leo native and plan to commence your business, this is the best time. We have heard of the idiom, “Strike while the iron is hot”. Starting a new venture may help you reap benefits. In case of Leo natives who are working, there are chances of promotion or a job change.

Your professional life will flourish during this time. You may not face any health-related problems; however, keep an eye on your lifestyle. Luck favors students during Saturn Transit, as they will achieve success in their studies. Traveling with family and friends may improve your relations. This is the time you will enjoy maximum with your spouse and kids. If you are in love, you may be planning for marriage this year.

General Remedy: Light mustard oil lamp under Peepal tree.


Saturn is your 5th and 6th house lord, signifying education, parenthood, disease, struggle, and enemies. You may change your house during this period. You may witness career growth yet; you will have to work harder for success. You may encounter health issues due to unhealthy and stressful lifestyle. Exercise daily or do yoga to stay fit. Do not make any investments during this period. Facing confrontations in property-related disputes is probable. Students may succeed post encountering a few challenges. Worshiping God and attending spiritual events may be beneficial.Take care of parents .

General Remedy: Offer sindur to Hanumanji on Sunday.


Saturn rules your 4th house and 5th house. 4th house symbolizes mother, vehicle, and happiness, while the 5th house stands for education and parenthood. Saturn acts as Yoga Forming planet for Libra natives, which adds to its significance for you. During Saturn Transit 2019, students may get higher education opportunities. Libran’s are fully out of Shani ji sadey sati now.

If you are owning business, you may plan to expand your existing business or open a new one. You may feel more confident which will help you grow professionally. Investors may plan to invest more, so as to obtain reasonable returns. You may experience an increase in your willpower and determination.  Positive , travel is on cards . House change possible .

Saturn Transit brings mixed financial results for you. Your income and expenses both will increase. There are chances that you go on long trips , getting positive results . You may remain healthy and fit during this time.Avoid gossiping in and outside home .

General Remedy: Feed Ladus to Black Dogs and Monkeys. Shani ji Hanumanji puja upasana , Guru , Elderly Teachers Respect .


Saturn is your 3rd and 4th house Lord, signifying efforts, siblings, communication, mother, vehicle, and happiness. During Saturn Transit 2019, you may have to work harder, so as to strengthen your financial status. Do not hesitate to put in your tireless efforts to earn more in this duration. Career opportunities or chances to go abroad may knock at your door. It is up to you how you avail such opportunities. Investors can be happy, as they will witness better financial results.

During Saturn Transit, avoid involving yourself in familial issues, as useless arguments may spoil your relations. Keep calm to solve family-related issues. Think before you speak. Control your temper, as otherwise you may engage in some tiffs. You may have to stay away from your loved ones in this duration. Try and stay in touch with them in such a situation.

General Remedy: Serve needy patients.


The luck bearer planet, Saturn is your 2nd house lord that stands for speech, wealth, and family, as well as 3rd house lord, signifying efforts, communication, and siblings. Saturn transiting in your moon sign will be highly influential. During this period, you may plan to make small investments. Keep control on your speech, as you may talk nonsensically at times. There is a possibility of a sour relationship with your life partner, which is why you need to take best care of your marital life. Take care of health.

Keep calm to resolve any issues with your spouse. If you are a workaholic, you will enjoy working hard in this span. Overwork may become a reason for unnecessary stress. It will, therefore, be better to take a break from work and travel to your favorite holiday destinations. Eat wisely and exercise regularly as your health may deteriorate during this period. Your spouse may also need to check for his or her declining health. Your siblings may witness career growth. Travel , change of place will give benefits , thru some one positive , you may get good job opportunities in coming year . Avoid lies and gossip .

General Remedy: Avoid intake of liquor , harsh language and non-vegetarian food items. Do remedies of Shaniji.


Saturn is your Ascendant and 2nd house lord that symbolizes character, longevity, personality, family, wealth, and speech. If you are a student, you may go out of the country to pursue higher studies. Try to control your expenses during this period, as you may go over-budget. It is likely that you will travel to foreign countries. During Saturn Transit 2019, your career may witness growth. You may get promoted or there may be a rise in your rank or designation.

It is not a safe time for you to involve yourself in illegal practices. You may have to suffer losses due to any unethical deeds on your part. Take a healthy and nutritious diet, avoid eating unhygienic food outside. Workout will keep you in good shape and healthy.

General Remedy: Offer 11 Coconuts  in running water , chant Hanuman Chalisa.


The taskmaster planet, Saturn is your 12th house lord, signifying losses, expenses, hospitals, bed comforts. It is also the Ascendant lord of the moon sign that symbolizes character, longevity, and personality. You may get more opportunities at your workplace. This time is the most favorable for you in every sense. There are chances of you enjoying the best of health and feeling fitter than before. During Saturn Transit 2019, your inclination towards spiritual deeds will increase.

You may win lottery or make huge financial gains. It is advisable not to expect more from your spouse during this period. Spend quality time with your life partner to strengthen your relationship. If you are a student native, your regular studies will keep you engaged, as there may not be anything new to explore in academics .

General Remedy: Donate mustard oil in temple . Avoid gossiping in and out side home .



The teacher planet governs your 11th house that stands for achievement, gains, income, and 12th house, symbolizing losses, expenses, bed comforts and hospitals. During this phase, shedding sweat may bring you success and positive results. This time may not be good or bad for making investments. Switching job may prove lucky for you, as there is probability of your professional growth. You may extensively travel both domestically and internationally in this transit period.

Your expenses may exceed your income, so it is crucial for you to keep an eye on your budget. Spend good amount of time with your loved ones, as your relationships may have to go through a bad phase in this duration.

Your marital relation needs more attention from your end. Avoid engaging into tiffs and unnecessary arguments with your life partner. It’s good time for holidaying with your allies.

General Remedy: Feed street dogs on saturday , wednesday.

Note : People who have lot of multiple problems , should consult a learned Astrologer with personal birth charts , for exact remedies .





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