The planet Venus is responsible for two of the most important things in life , love & Money. Venus shall transit into Capricorn from Sagittarius On Friday, 2 December, 2016 and would remain there till its transit in Aquarius on Thursday, 29 December, 2016. These days are going to be eventful. In a good or a bad way? Lets see what changes, all these Moon signs would go through , all  predictions are based on your Moon sign.


Venus will be making its way to your tenth house or the house commonly associated to things like profession & action. Domestic life could be full of the joys of the spring as love, care and harmony would be prevalent all over. If you are into business, you will do splendidly well and if you are a working professional, your performance could witness a major upliftment. However it is advisable to indulge in calumny as it could have a detrimental effect on your life in general. You will have the full backing of your spouse in each & every issue that you raise, also you would learn that you & your spouse have reignited that lost romance, as you will feel enchanted by the spellbound effect that has been casted over you.


Venus will move through your ninth house, the house of wisdom & faith. It shall directly impact your luck quotient as you would receive some news, go in your favour. You would feel inclined to perform virtuous deeds. The efforts that you put in, in the past shall lead you to success. You will be at the helm of your manhood as the opposite sex shall support you excessively. If you had long been longing a long trip, you wouldn’t have to wait too long as now is the time you plan it all out. Your love life shall blossom too as you would share some of the most romantic & engaging moments of your life.


Venus will move into your eighth house or the house of sex, death, regeneration & transformation. Needless to say, It will step up sensuality in your life. This is the time period when you win over your urge on splash spendings. Through your thick & thin, you should never doubt yourself, no matter if people try to defame you because let’s face it we all know that this society that we live is so hypocrite in way that they want people to do the right thing but when someone sets upon that path, they peg him back & grab hold of them. Health of children will suffer a bit. Education could face some hurdles as well. It is a period of self analysis. Keep a tab on your health.


Venus will move into your seventh house, which is commonly associated with partnership, both business as well as for pleasure. This is a period to get a jump on the action and romance with your partner, because sometimes you should just go with the flow & see where it takes you. Your spouse and you will have a good time together as you will share some precious moments. It isn’t a shocking revelation but you are likely to spend big on your spouse. If single, a new relationship is quite probable. Seniors could do you favours at work as you would lead a family life, showered in prosperity and rapture.


Venus will move into your Sixth house or the house of health. If you want to reach the summit, you’ve got to mount the charge accordingly, meaning that you will have to put your head down & burn the candle at both ends. Overall, your skills shall witness a majestic rise. Some issues in marital life is almost imminent. Opponents would garner strength and you could face stiff but healthy competition. Maintain good relations with females and enjoy your work.


Venus will take its position in your fifth house also known as the house of pleasures. It is a time to paint the town red with prosperity and happiness. The things that you start with shall meet with instant success. The thing that you had wanted the most will finally be yours as you will see things go in your favour. Love, along with tolerance shall envelop your life. You are literally going to ride your luck as you will see decisions go in your favour as luck will support you full tilt. You will be successful in making a mint as you would gain greatly in wealth and may enjoy a gala time. Children will be very exuberant and their life would flourish.


Venus will move into your house of happiness, relations & property or the 4th house. Your domestic life would be in tandem and you would enjoy all the snugness there is in personal life. Passion, tenderness and affection will breeze between the family members, once everything is sorted & in place. Career will be smooth and your actions would turn heads as you eventually announce yourself to the world by leaving a mark on the map. You would keep your opponents under your thumb as you would dominate them in a way everyone sees just. Income shall increase greatly and you may go on a spending spree as you look for some beautification of house or buy a new vehicle.


Venus will move into your third house, or the house of skills, efforts & younger siblings. You would find yourself inclined towards arts, music and other artistic interests. You could even find yourself in a new relationship, you just have to play your cards right. Your spouse would achieve something beyond the ordinary. The efforts that you’ll put in shall pave the way for your victory, as you’ll see your hard work coming into play & not just going down the drain. Your own efforts would be successful and beget good results in your favour. Any small journey is highly probable, especially a picnic or a day out with your lovely family.


Venus will move into your Second house which is responsible for your bank balance ,communication & speech, as well as family. Your bank balance could see a sharp shoot as you would be literally raking in tones of money. You should go shopping for new party clothes as there would be celebrations in the family, courtesy of your past deeds catching up to your present. Harmony shall befall in your family, as you would enjoy good food, & you would be able to impress others with your commanding and influential speech.


Venus would be moving into your sign, which certainly means that love, affection, attachment and sensuality will be the bee in your bonnet. It is an ecstatic time for love matters, as you would be closing in on some really memorable moments. If married, your marital bond will strengthen and you both would be able to feel a new freshness & a sense of attraction towards each other. You would harbour an interest in beauty and art. You could chance your arm & could end up hitting pay dirt.


Venus will move through your Twelfth house which is largely associated with house, hospitals, bed comforts & family issues. You will spend a fortune on luxuries and other exclusive & rare materials. You may plan for a long journey or a trip abroad, which would not only be gratifying but also be fruitful. Your opponents may try to topple you or will try to make a calumny about you. Don’t let your let your sensual thoughts run too wild that you end up suffering from health issues, after you live them to the fullest.


Venus will move through your Eleventh House which usually consists of ambitions, achievements as well as income. Talking about income, against all odds, you would make a killing, substantially chipping in plenty. Your professional & personal life will cross the rubicon & will be on an all time high as you will accomplish almost all your endeavors & take the life with aplomb. Love life shall be in full swing as well. You could enjoy a steep rise in growth, and your social status would be uplifted too. You may enjoy some quality time with your loved one. Your siblings & friends would sing your stories of greatness, as you will get their full support in each & every step that you take.