The planet Venus is known to have associations with everything that an individual derives pleasure from activities, people and materialistic possessions. The planet of love, harmony, sensuality, friendships and marital bliss is known to be the lord of the signs Taurus and Libra. The planet Venus is considered to possess feminine energy which supports an individual’s inclination towards beauty, arts, refinement, charm, grace, good food and sense of aesthetics.When  Shukra Grah is in a good placement in one’s horoscope, it confers them with comfort, happiness, a good marriage and refinement. And when this planet is not in a good position in one’s horoscope, it bequeaths defamation due to sexual associations, disturbed marriage , loss of wealth , vehicle and in turn peace of life .Venus will be making a transit in the sign Pisces on the 27th of January and here it will be exalted and hence, will be in a powerful position. Post this, the planet will become retrograde on the 4th of March, 2017 and will again become progressive on the 15th of April, 2017. Venus will then enter  sign Aries on the 31st of May. Bhaiyaji tells  us about  what General effects this planetary movement will have on all twelve  moon signs .

Aries / Mesh

With Venus transiting in the sign Pisces, it will be moving in your twelfth house. This planetary position might increase your expenses, especially on luxury items and lavish lifestyle. You might also plan a leisure trip during this period with your family and friends. A foreign trip is also on the cards for some. Try to exercise restrain from excessive intimacy and sensual activities as this might harm your health as well as your public image. During this period, you might plan a trip with your spouse to spend some quality time. The health of your spouse might decline during this transit period. You will be in a dominating position against your opponents and will succeed in all your endeavours in this duration. Domestic life is expected to be blissful.

General Remedy: Feed roti  to cows regularly.

Taurus / Vrishabh

The planet Venus will be making a move towards your eleventh house while transiting in the sign Pisces. A long awaited desire of yours might get fulfilled during this period. An increase in your income is also predicted. Your focus and determination towards your work would remain intact. Your social circle might get a boost during this transit period. You are expected to participate wholeheartedly in social gatherings and functions. A few get-togethers and small trips with friends are also possible while this transit lasts. Your social status is predicted to improve. You will be inclined towards leading a lavish and luxurious life. Love and romance will be on your mind throughout. However, a few heated arguments are also likely which might turn your love relation, sour. The desire to get married to their love interest might increase in the natives belonging to this sign and some might succeed as well. Bhaiyaji advises to abstain from consumption of excessive alcohol and take care of your health during this period. Take proper rest and keep a watch on your diet. Gains and profits via spouse and/or partnerships can be expected.

General Remedy: Prepare kheer on fridays and feed them to little girls.

Gemini / Mithun

The planet Venus will make a move in your tenth house while transiting in the Pisces sign. Bitter-sweet results pertaining to your professional and personal life can be expected during this transit. You will make an impressive stand amongst people with your wit and presence of mind, which will help you gain reputation and credibility in your social circle. Try to maintain cordial relationships with females at your workplace. Those looking for a job immediately after the completion of their higher studies might land a good one during this transit period. Professional foreign associations are quite possible while this transit lasts. You will be able to spend much time at home which will improve your familial relationships. You might put in efforts to beautify your household making it a more comfortable and luxurious place to be at. Abstain from gossips as they might lead to conspiracies against you.

General Remedy: Feed the cows regularly.


Cancer / Kark

Venus is expected to make a move in your ninth house as it will make a transit in the sign Pisces. You might plan a long trip during this period. You are expected to take interest in hosting picnics and small leisure get-togethers more often to celebrate the love and respect you share with your near and dear ones. A hike in your income is expected in this duration. You can also expect a good news at work. Your luck will be by your side during this period. You will succeed in every endeavour that you sign up for during this transit period. Elder siblings will also be benefited from this transit. Your relationships with seniors at work are expected to improve, putting you in their good books that might help you in near future. Your colleagues will be supportive of you. You may think about buying a new house during this period. Bhaiyajii foresees domestic life  to be peaceful.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva and offer raw unbroken rice to his idol.

Leo / Singh

The planet Venus will transit in your eighth house while making a move in the sign Pisces. This might not turn out to be too beneficial for you as the planet Mars will also be positioned in the same house. Bhaiyaji says this planetary arrangement might make you intensely desirous for excessive sensual activities. Though, try to keep yourself in control as these acts might lead to defamation. Certain issues at workplace might erupt leaving you exhausted and disappointed. Abstain from gossiping at all costs during this period. This transit might give issues to your younger siblings. Your health might decline during this period. Sudden issues might come up in your professional and/or private life that might hamper peace of min.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com Don’t be too hard on yourself and deal with every situation one at a time. A substantial increase in your income is also expected in this duration. An increased income might lead to a hike in expenses as well. Try to manage your finances in a better and strict manner.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

General Remedy: Offer water to Lord Surya (Sun) regularly.

Virgo / Kanya

The planet Venus will move to your seventh house while transiting in the sign Pisces. A substantial increase in love for your spouse is predicted during this period. Though, minor tiffs and petty squabbles are also expected to come up between you and your beloved. You might spend overtly on your spouse to make them happy and express your love and gratitude towards them. Your spouse might dominate you during this period but will also extend whole hearted love and support in all your endeavours and struggles. Try not to indulge in arguments that might erupt at your domestic front. Maintain your calm and handle delicate situations with maturity. Your health might decline during this period.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha and offer durva grass .

Libra / Tula

The planet Venus will advance towards your sixth house during this transit period in the sign Pisces. You will be able kill the competition and enmity in your domestic front. This transit is predicted to provide you with endurance and grit. Though, minor health issues might occur during this period, especially issues pertaining to the lower abdominal area. You might also plan a long trip with family and friends. Your relationship with spouse might turn sour during this transit period. Hence, try to be patient and give an ear to what concerns your partner. A legal trap, which you might fare well later on, might be round the corner too. Your expenses might increase suddenly in this period. You might feel inclined towards hidden and suspicious things. Be precautious while dealing with matters related to investments and wealth. You might want to put any big decisions relevant to your personal and professional life on hold for now as this transit might not be the best time to take decisions which will stay along for life.

General Remedy: Worship Goddess Mahalakshmi and offer red flowers to her idol.


Scorpio / Vrishchik

Venus will transit to your fifth house while making an advancement in the sign Pisces. During this transit period,you might feel highly inclined towards your partner. You can expect your relationship to be brimming with love and affection in this duration. Love and sensuality will be on an all time high between your and your partner. Abstain from behaving fiercely in the matters of love. Give space to your partner and acknowledge their consent before moving forward with your desires. Those associated with the field of education might be able to make the most of this transit as this duration might prove to be rewarding for them. They are also expected to work harder in this transit period. A substantial rise in your income is also expected. Those wanting to pursue higher studies abroad must try during this period as the chances of succeeding during this period are high. Love relations might transform into a marital bond forsome.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

General Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu regularly.

Sagittarius / Dhanu

As the planet Venus will be transiting in the sign Pisces, it is expected to move to your fourth house during this period. You might face issues in your domestic life in this duration. Lack of contentment and mental peace might keep you disturbed during this period. Verbal clashes at home might happen during this transit period hence, stay calm and handle every situation with utmost care and maturity. Avoid taking decisions in haste. Adverse situations are foreseen to improve gradually over time. Bhaiyaji advises to perform exceptionally at work during this period. Your diligence and commitment towards work will be observed and appreciated. You might consider taking a loan in this period, especially a home loan to realise your dream of having your own pad. Those seeking to invest in a car must do so post 2nd march as this period is predicted to be auspicious for such an investment.

General Remedy: Put a kesar tilak on your forehead regularly.

Capricorn / Makar

The planet Venus will make a transit in your third house while moving into the sign Pisces. The chances of you switching your job are high during this transit period. Your hard work will bear fruits during this period and you are predicted to succeed professionally in this duration. You will be all up for challenges and risks while this transit lasts. You might take risks in business that will prove to be highly beneficial for professional development in near future. Your children are predicted to experience exceptional progress in their academia. You might spend whole-heartedly on younger siblings during this period. Though, your younger siblings might suffer from health issues. Don’t be dependent on your colleagues for work that can be taken care off independently and try to do your chores yourself. Seniors at work might be keeping you and your performance under surveillance. Hence, perform accordingly to remain in their good books.

General Remedy: Chant hanuman chalisa on saturdays.

Aquarius / Kumbh

During the period of transit of the planet Venus in the sign Pisces, the planet will make a transit in your second house. This planetary movement might initiate sacred ceremonies, functions and weddings in your domestic front. You will remain enthusiastic and energetic throughout. However, conflicts amongst family members are likely during this period too. Your expenses might rise substantially. You might suffer from wealth loss hence, take adequate precautions to keep your finances smooth and sturdy. On the other hand, your income is expected to increase as well. Those looking for leasing or selling their property might rejoice during this period as this duration might prove to be gainful for them. Your younger siblings might be of help, financially. The health of your father might need attention during this period. Your influence at workplace will increase in this duration. Drive carefully during this period as chances of an injury are quite high.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

General Remedy: On tuesdays, donate jaggery in hanuman temple.

Pisces / Meen

Venus will be making a transit in your sign in this period i.e. in your ascendant house. You would feel mentally elevated and lavish during this period. You might indulge in romance and intimacy during this period. Those already in love- this transit indicates commitment and togetherness for them. You might develop a keen interest in marrying your love partner. Abstain from showing off your wit or wealth during this period as this might land you in trouble. Although there will be harmony in marital life but certain egoistic issues will need to be kept in the jar to avoid further misconceptions. Your determination towards your career and profession will undergo an increase during this period. Your performance at work will also improve substantially.

General Remedy: Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam regularly.

We at www.vedicastrologysolutions.com , hope to have contributed in easing your way through this transit and acquainting you with what this planetary movement holds for you generally. We hope that this transit helps you gain the most and the best .