Sun is the planet of jazziness, vibrancy and liveliness, which envisages the inner depth of a person. The Planet Sun exemplifies the soul of an individual, and is also termed as “Atmakaraka”. Being a vital part of our solar system, Sun is also considered as the father factor in an individual’s life. Moreover, the Planet Sun rules the zodiac sign Leo. Apart from this, the Planet Sun imparts strength to other planets also because of which Sun holds a key role in the field of Astrology. Please read more on Surya , in our www.vedicastrologysolutions.com , earlier posts .

Transit of Sun in the Moon sign Scorpio at 12:36 PM on 16th of November, till 3:15 AM on 16th December. This Sun transit will leave innumerable effects on all the 12 Moon Signs. Let us have a General view on the impact of this transit, and how it will affect the lives of people belonging to different Zodiac Signs.

The below mentioned predictions are based on your Moon sign. below are General impacts of Sun Transit in Scorpio on all the zodiac signs are as follows, 

For Exact Predictions , Ones Own Birth Chart ( Surya Position ) , Matters A Lot.


The Planet Sun will move into your 8th house. During this transit period, you might face health issues like fever, headache, etc. The result of your bad karmas would entitle you with a bad name i.e. social reputation might be at stake. Potential issues with your opponents is probable. In case if you have been involved in some wrong deeds, then you would face the required punishment for it. Moreover, children would enjoy a good time.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com Your spouse might receive gains. Loss in wealth is presaged, so refrain yourself from getting involved in gambling, betting, etc. However, your secrets might get unveiled.

General Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu.


The Planet Sun will move into your 7th house. An upswing in your career is seen, but on the other hand your domestic life might get distressed. Your marital life would behold the shades of tiffs and conflicts between you and your partner. Moreover, health issues like stomach or headaches to your spouse might bother you. Children might also suffer a bit in this transit period. However, your mother would enjoy all comforts and you might get authority at your workplace. Though, you might face hurdles in undertakings but all you have to do is to display a calm and composed disposition.

General Remedy: Donate jaggery on Sunday.


The Planet Sun will move into your 6th house. During this transit period, you would achieve success in ventures and endeavours. You would experience a rise in your career after dominating over your opponents. Though your health would enhance, but minor issues might occur. Sincere efforts at work might bring you fruitful results. Moreover, monetary gains and gains at work are on the cards. This transit might also fetch you favours from the government. You would notice an upturn in your dignity. Mental peace, happiness from within and success in litigation is also seen.

General Remedy: Recite Aditya Hridaya Stotram Daily Early Morning .


The Planet Sun will move into your 5th house. During this transit period, you might experience gain in wealth. Mental stress might become probable for you and troubles in love life is foreseen. Children might face health issues in this transit period. Dissensions with your lover is predicted and your spouse might receive sudden gains. Potential issues with children is presaged, and also they might raise their voice against you.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com During this transit period, you would be unsatisfied emotionally. Moreover, you might also look for a job change. This transit period would be favourable for you in getting rid of all your debts. A sense of arrogance might get unleashed in your behavior.

General Remedy: Distribute medicines among poor.


The Planet Sun will move into your 4th house. During this transit period, you would receive gains from the government. Acquiring a government accommodation and vehicle is probable. Amelioration in your status is presaged. Mental disturbance and disharmony in your domestic life might prevail. Moreover. Health of your mother might decline and your spouse might experience an elevation in his/her position. Apart from this, you might also buy a new property, house or a vehicle.

General Remedy: Perform Surya Namaskar Daily


The Planet Sun will move into your 3rd house. During this transit period, you would experience an upswing in your valour and your determination would be at its pinnacle. Your self determination would enable you to have an upper hand over your opponents. Issues with siblings or associates is probable. You might plan for a change in job, but no matter what comes your way you would tackle all the situations with courage. www.vedicastrologysolutions.com At the end of the day you would emerge out to be successful. Moreover, you would also have a gain in wealth. However, you would get involved in religious and virtuous pursuits. Journeys and expeditions are also on the cards. An elevation in your social status is foreseen. Contact with higher officials and eminent personalities is also predicted.

General Remedy: Donate Wheat Aatta / (grains) to unknown needy on Sundays.


The Planet Sun will move into your 2nd house. During this transit, there would be a bitterness in your speech. Tiffs and strife would persist in your family. You might come across wicked people. Though, there would be lots of troubles in your way, but still you would manage to accumulate some wealth. ENT , especially eye disease, headaches, fever, etc might be accompanied with lack of mental peace and happiness. Gain through rental property is foreseen. In order to get rid of all such diseases, you should drink a lot of water.

General Remedy: Daan Red flower and red cloth on Sunday.


The Planet Sun will move into your own sign. During this transit period, your focal point would be on your work. You might experience an aggression in your behavior or an increase in your ego. Disputes in your married life is probable and you also might face some health issues. Hurdles in your undertakings and endeavours is one side of the coin. Staying away from your family is the other side of it. You might go for unplanned journeys and probable disputes with your loved ones is presaged. During this transit period, mental stress would be on its peak, so you should do meditation in order to overcome your mental stress. In all, you might experience crests and troughs in your career.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

General Remedy: Worship Lord Surya and offer him Water.


The Planet Sun will move into your 12th house. During this transit, you might have issues in your eyes and sleep. Long journeys are predicted and there are chances that you might go abroad. High expenditure is seen during this transit period and you might face health issues like fever,  stomach, tensions etc. You might face obstacles and issues with your friends . Your social status might get devalued because of your wrong deeds. Mental pressure and irritation would persist, but you need to display a tranquilized nature. Those who are living abroad or working in MNC’s might receive good news and success in career.

General Remedy: Offer Red flowers and vermilion mixed water to Lord Sun. Stay calm .


The Planet Sun will move into your 11th house. During this transit period, you might experience sudden and unexpected gains. Meeting and getting familiar with prestigious and higher officials is presaged. You might also receive gains from government. Favors would be extended by your seniors towards you. Enhancement in your dignity and status is predicted. You might get a new position at work thus, giving you a new recognition. You might get awarded and honoured as well. You might receive good news which you would have not anticipated. Gains through Guru / Father is foreseen along with some tifs in love matters. Overall, this transit would bring about a progressive period for you.www.vedicastrologysolutions.com

General Remedy: Worship offering water to Surya in Copper vessel.


The Planet Sun will move into your 10th house. During this transit period, there would be an upliftment in your authority at your workplace. You might get new position at your workplace as well. There might be an upswing in your ego and this might create problems for you. Moreover, conflicts and tiffs might prevail in your domestic life. However, you might get much benefits if you are into government job. A rise in your dignity is predicted and people around you might praise you. An injury / operation possible during this period , especially for those with depicted surya in birth chart in any way.You might not give appropriate time to your family and this would be the ultimate reason for disharmony in your domestic life. Apart from this, issues and problems in your married life is also indicated.

General Remedy: Donate Saffron color cloth on sundays at any Vishnuji Temple or to needy.


The Planet Sun will move into your ninth house. During this transit period, your struggle would increase and you need to put up extra efforts to get things done in your favour. Health of your father might decline and transfer at job or change in place is foreseen. You might get inclined towards religious values and there might be some issues with your siblings. You would achieve success after hurdles but refrain yourself from any kind of mental stress. Though you would progress pretty slowly, but what matters in the end is your success. Moreover, long journeys and expeditions are also foreseen.

General Remedy: Donate Red Flower on Sunday.

For Exact Predictions On This Transit , Ones Own Birth Chart ( Surya Position ) , Matters A Lot.

हरी ,ॐ  

वेदों में सूर्य को जगत की आत्मा कहा गया है। सूर्य सृष्टि को चलाने वाले एक प्रत्यक्ष देवता का रूप हैं। नवग्रहों में सूर्य को राजा की उपाधि दी गई है। सूर्य के द्वारा ही सभी ग्रहों को प्रकाश मिलता है। ज्योतिषास्त्र के मुताबिक सूर्य देव आत्मा, स्वास्थ्य, उदारवादी जीवनशैली और पिता का प्रतिनिधित्व करते हैं। कुंडली में सूर्य को पूर्वजों , पिता ,का प्रतिनिधि भी माना जाता है। सूर्य प्रधान जातक उच्च पदों पर आसीन अधिकारी होते हैं।

16 नवंबर 2017 को दोपहर 12:36 बजे सूर्य वृश्चिक राशि में गोचर कर रहा है। सूर्य वृश्चिक राशि में 16 दिसंबर 2017 को सुबह 3:15 तक स्थित रहेगा।www.vedicastrologysolutions.com सूर्य के इस गोचर का प्रभाव आपकी राशि पर भी पडेगा। आइये जानते हैं सूर्य के इस गोचर का सभी राशियों पर आम तौर पे क्या असर होगा …यह राशिफल चंद्र राशि पर आधारित है।